OnlyFans Teacher Sofia Coste has her students pleading to attend her class

OnlyFans Teacher Sofia Coste has her students pleading to attend her class

Sofia Coste, a hot OnlyFans teacher has taken social media by storm as her history students discovered their teacher’s OnlyFans account and are very enthusiastic to attend her classroom.

It is no new to hear about the teachers getting tracked for their OnlyFans account and most of them even lost their job after their identification on OnlyFans came into the media. There is one more to the list, Sofia Coste who has emerged as a very hot OnlyFans teacher and there are no signs yet of being terminated from her job for being on the OnlyFans platform.

The OnlyFans model Sofia Coste who revealed on her Instagram social media handle about her profession as a school teacher who later started making creative content is now much known for her TikTok videos where she is seen discussing her career as a school teacher.

The students have been much excited to attend her class and are pleading with their history teacher for letting them attend her lectures after discovering her OnlyFans account. Sofia Coste, on the other hand, used this on a positive note in creating amazing new content.

As per the sources from the Spanish media, Sofia Coste has made creative videos on TikTok highlighting her profession as a teacher. She even humorously stated in one of her videos that “what students see” when she is explaining to them a formula. In another video, she stated that “ when her students find out about her OnlyFans account”, she reaches out to the student and urged them to maintain peace.

She does not even hesitate to reveal that she flirts with her students’ parents and her video on Twitter got into the limelight as she was seen checking out a parent and mentioned in the caption: When is see my students’ father! This trend has increased her fan following and the students are interested to be in her class. She is receiving a lot of messages stating I want to be your student and asking for her help to teach them other subjects.

Indeed, she is fortunate to have not lost her job as in the world of OnlyFans teachers, the majority of them have been terminated from their teaching profession, whereas many of them are still finding out ways to manage both at an instance. An educational assistant from BC, Canada is carrying out a fight with the school board to allow her to continue her job as a teacher and still make OnlyFans videos. She stated that a school district has a subscription to her explicit content to enjoy her amazing videos.

Sofia Coste OnlyFans

Sofia Coste, a geography-history teacher by profession is available on the OnlyFans platform as @sofiacoste. She has announced a Limited Time Offer of 50% for a period of 30 days for the month of June. Her regular subscription charge is $12.99 for every month but currently, she offers a discounted subscription charge of $6.50 for 30 days. She also provides a bundled subscription discounted price of $25.33 for 3 months at a 35% discounted price. She has more than 14k followers on her OnlyFans page and has over 110 hot photos and 35 explicit videos on her OnlyFans account.

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