Christe Chen Dawson Obituary, Bradley Dawson Murder Her wife in Fiji

Christe Chen Dawson Obituary, Bradley Dawson Murder Her wife in Fiji

Bradley Dawson from Tennessee beats her new bride, Christie Chen, to death on honeymoon!

Bradley Dawson, 39, who hails from Tennessee in the United States, is alleged of beating his newly wed bride to death. The couple tied the knots in the recent past, and the Tennessee man is accused of the murder of his pharmacist wife. The tragic incident occurred at their honeymoon destination on a famous private island in Fiji. The bail of the Tennessee man has been denied and awaits trial!

Bradley Dawson from Tennessee beats her new bride, Christie Chen to death on honeymoon!

Christe Chen Dawson Obituary

Bradley Dawson was obliged to appear at the Excessive Courtroom in Lautoka, accused of murdering his wife, Christie Chen, on 9th July 2022. She was just 36 years of age when she got married to the Tennessee man. Dawson, who hails from Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, is accused of beating down her wife to death when they were on their honeymoon trip at a $3500 lavish turtle island resort in Fiji, two days after they arrived for their honeymoon!

She was brutally beaten, and her body was discovered with multiple injuries in a small area between the bathroom and the toilet wall of the lavish bungalow. He was seen to appear in Lautoka for his hearing in which his bail was denied on Wednesday. Their legal advisor, Dawson, has advised him to stay within the limits of a US citizen who stays in Fiji. The couple Dawson and Chen met in November 2021 and decided to their knots after a 3-month romantic relationship.

She lost the world just 2 days after they went on a honeymoon on the lavish turtle island resort. His legal men requested the courtroom to allow him to live in his dwelling under the supervision of a fellow US mate, John, till his trial begins. John Berger lives in the Nadi district and has been a resident of Fiji since 2011. He came to terms with Dawson spending 2 weeks in Natabua Remand Centre, and John is alleged to have raped.

The request by legal professionals of Dawson was denied by the chosen Riyaz as he stated that it would not be justified to allow Dawson to stay in the custody of an alleged criminal. A health worker described the death of Chen as a homicide as she had multiple traumatic attacks on her physique. She was brutally injured and was not even in the position to undergo preservation, and she was cremated, and her parents took the ashes to the United States.

Dawson pleaded not guilty in the courtroom to his homicide act. He claimed that he used a kayak and paddled it to go 1.2 miles away to Matacawalevu Island from Turtle Island Resort on Saturday, 9th July 2022. The kayak described by Dawson is not yet discovered by the official authorities. The couple attended a social gathering where Christie was uncomfortable with the inappropriate behavior of his husband with another person.

When they returned to their bungalow, the couple had an argument which then turned into a physical assault. The glass of the bathroom was found broken, and she was found with blood and multiple injuries on her body. She was discovered dead by a butler, and the next day Dawson was caught by the neighborhood man. He appeared with cuts and bruises around 3pm on 10th July 2022.

The couple bought a luxury $250,000 house on Elzey Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. Chen is a pharmacist employed at Kroger, whereas Dawson worked as an IT professional for Youth Villages, a non-profit organization that provides help to kids. He was suspended from the organization, and details of his suspension are not yet sourced. Before departing for the honeymoon trip to Fiji, Chen was excited for the honeymoon, unaware of the life-ending tragic incident with her at the Turtle Island Resort.

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