Dobre Brothers: Net Worth, Age, YouTube, Ethnicity, Girlfriends

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Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius, the two twin brothers, are the famous Dobre Brothers. They were born to trained gymnast parents. Aurelia Dobre, their mother, had a profile as a retired Olympic gymnast and a career as a choreographer. Their Father, Boz Mofid, has his own Maryland Gymnastic Academy, the Good Gymnastic Academy. The Dobre Brothers have a sibling sister.

They are popular on their YouTube channel for their prank videos and fun dance content. The Dobre brother’s videos have 5 billion+ views on their content altogether. Their YouTube channel is among the fastest-growing channel on the social media platform. Their activities mainly include Vlogging, music, and gymnastics.

Their net worth is considered to be around $20 million. The YouTube channel was initialized by Marcus and Lucas, who are younger in the group at a young age. They started the channel with their fun video posts which got viral. The group of brothers works together as a unit and makes videos along.

The family heads from Romania and Iran. They currently reside in Maryland in the United States of America. They shifted to LA for work purposes but headed back to Maryland in a span of a few months. Cyrus, the oldest among the group of Dobre brothers age is 27 years, and the twins Lucas and Marcus are 23 years old.

Dobre Brothers YouTube Earning:

The group of brothers has a famous YouTube channel called @Dobre Brothers featuring Lucas, Marcus, Darius, and Cyrus. They are believed to have $26 million worth. They earn from their content of dance, music, vlogs, funny videos, pranks, gymnastics, and other content entertainment.

The brothers upload the new content on Friday and Saturday. Marcus and Lucas have an individual channel also that differs from the other siblings, and their channels run in compliance with each other. The channel has the prospect to release new music videos and signing contracts with the music record firm.

The channel has 11million+ subscribers and has compiled around 2.8 billion views. The channel has an average viewership of 800k views from various sources. Considering it, approximate revenue of $6500 per day is generated from the advertisements that pop in the videos.

YouTube has a payment structure of $2-$7 for every 1000 revenue-generated views after the share is acquired by YouTube itself. Revenue-generated Views are in the range of 40-60% of the total viewership.

YouTubers generate revenue from YouTube Red viewers along with advertisements, who subscribe to view the exclusive and ad-free content. In this mode, they are paid on the basis of the time duration of the viewers. Marcus and Lucas earn major income from their individual channel with more than 5 billion views, and also earn by the means of profitable brand deals.

Dobre Brothers Career:

The Dobre Brothers gained immense fame with their vine channel @twin boys. Their dance video at the grocery store went viral. The immense response to their funny video motivated them to start their own YouTube channel.

The young brothers Lucas and Marcus headed the social media platform with their own YouTube channel in 2015. It is estimated they earn a good amount globally, sourcing us with high-quality content. Their videos provide great entertainment to their fans. The major focus lies on making videos related to comedy, vlogs, gymnastics, jokes, pranks, and challenges with friends and family.

Their collaboration with Jake Paul in Los Angeles raised their number of followers extensively. They have more than 24 million subscribers. Their videos include backflips and acrobatics stunts learned from their parents that increased their fame.

They have one more YouTube channel on which they post content related to their owned cars. The Dobre Brothers cars have a luxury collection like Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, and Lamborghini. They are currently in a deal with Def Jam Recordings and Island Records.

The streamy awards nominated the Dobre Brothers videos for the breakout content creator and muser of the year category in the year 2018. Their videos included the content they used to record while shopping, dance to viral songs, prank videos, etc. They have millions of fan base loving their work due to their immense social media base. Their film ‘Gymnastics at the Grocery Store’ had views in millions.

They also showed their presence on TikTok with the videos on their account going viral. The music video for Dobre Brothers ‘You Know You Lit is among the highest viewed videos. They signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency, one of the leading Hollywood agencies, in 2018.

Recently, The Dobre Brothers are officially in a deal with Clubhouse Media Group Inc. The contract will begin as they move into their 10k sq. ft. Beverly Hills Estate, ‘The Dobre House’. Dobre Brothers’ songs are famous all over the globe.

Income from other platforms:

The Brothers generate revenue from different sources other than YouTube. They earn from concerts, meet and greet programs, merchandising, etc. They charge a high amount of $600 for the Meet and Greet event.

They have their own website where they sell their Dobre Brothers merch with a basic price range.

  • Logo sports joggers (Unis*x) – $45.
  • Athletic logo round neck sweatshirt (Unis*x) – $40.
  • Long Sleeve Tie Dye (Unis*x) – $ 35.
  • Double Embroidery Cap – $20.

They sell out their merchandise on Amazon along with their official website. They have a wide range of products that include t-shirts, backpacks, etc. Their performance in musical concerts is no surprise to the people who follow them on YouTube and are aware of their incredible talent as dancers and singers.

They organize the concerts globally with their hard-working skills and earn good revenue with a high range of ticket sales.

Dobre Brothers Physical Appearance:

Lucas and Marcus have almost identical heights. Marcus is just 1 inch smaller in height than Lucas. Marcus is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs around 58 kg while Lucas weighs around 68 kg. They have many identical tattoos on their body.

Dobre Brother’s girlfriends:

The youngest lad Lucas is in relation with the Instagram sensation and model Ivanita Lomel since March 2018. Marcus has no girlfriend as of now. The twins share love and harmony with their family. Cyrus was in relation with Christina Kalamvokis and tied their knots in 2018. After 2 years of togetherness, they got separated. Darius is dating Madeline Damskey.

dobre brothers girlfriend

Dobre Brothers Net worth:

The net worth of Dobre Brothers has seen a rise of almost 300% in recent years. It is estimated to be around $20million in a period of less than 1 year and will be double in the coming 3 years. Lucas has an annual income of around $3million. Marcus earns around $2million annually with a net worth of $6million. They have a hefty income from the brand endorsements and paid sponsorships worth $1million.

FAQS about Dobre Brothers:

  1. What is the truth behind Dobre’s brothers suicide?
  • The twin brothers Marcus and Lucas had to face criticism for the video joking about suicide. They posted the video on 10th January, where Marcus faked his death and the video had 2.5 million views.

  1. How old are the Dobre Brothers?
  • The younger twins Lucas and Marcus are 23 years of age and the older twin brothers are 27 years of age as per the sources.
  1. Where do the Dobre brothers live?
  • The Dobre family heads from two countries Romania and Iran. They reside in Dobres Brothers House in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the US in recent times.
  1. What is the Dobre Brothers’ phone number?
  • The contact number of Lucas Dobre is 301-245-2201.
  1. Who are the Dobre Brothers parents?
  • Aurelia Dobre and Boz Mofid are their parents. They both share the Gymnast background and their father owns an individual Gymnastic Academy. Their mother has won a championship in the Gymnastics.

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