How to prepare shredded kebab with two original Iranian colors

shredded kebab

In the following report, we are going to teach you ways to arrange two-color shredded kebabs.

According to the Qazvin morning welfare work; Kebab Kobideh is one among the delicious and authentic Iranian foods and has different models, among which we will mention simple Kebab Kobideh, Kebab Kobideh, snacks, Nagini and Saffron. one in all the kinds of shredded kebabs is shredded two colors and could be a combination of shredded kebabs with mutton and shredded kebabs with chicken.

This kebab includes a goodliness and delightful appearance, serving in many special ceremonies and parties. This kebab may also be done as a regular kebab with basil, onion, Sangak bread, or rice. Every hundred grams of shredded kebab has 250 calories.

In the following, we will provide you with the tactic of preparing and cooking two-color shredded kebabs with all its educational tips. The quantity of fabric below is for four people. If you wish to arrange this food for more people, you have to extend the ingredients.

  • Ingredients Grilled two-color
  • chicken breast 500 g
  • mutton 500 g mutton
  • tail 50 g
  • large onion 2
  • tomatoes 4
  • saffron brewed as required
  • salt and black pepper as required

How to prepare two-color shredded kebab

To start:

  • Grind the mutton tails twice with the chicken until well combined.
  • Choose an acceptable bowl and pour the chicken into it.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Add the grated onion to the chicken. Add saffron, salt, and black pepper and blend the ingredients. Mix all the ingredients well and knead to induce an excellent barbecue. once you have prepared the kebab

Cover the bowl with cellophane on the lid and leave it within the refrigerator for an hour, so the kebab sticks more viscous and sticks well to the skewer. Grind the mutton twice and pour it into a bowl. Choose an outsized onion.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Take onion juice and add it to mutton. Add saffron, salt, and black pepper to the ingredients and blend well when the kebab is well homogeneous and sticky.

Place on a cellophane bowl and refrigerate for an hour, like chicken. After an hour, take the kebabs out of the fridge and prepare the skewers. Put a bowl of cold water next to your hand.

Wet your hands with water and dedicate half the skewer to the beaten chicken. Cover the opposite half with the minced meat. Skewer everything this way, and you’ll change the skewer per your taste and make different models.

Put the skewers within the refrigerator for one more hour and head to the brazier when you have skewered everything. Fill the grill with charcoal and confirm that each charcoal is light to own a tasty and fragrant barbecue.

Raw charcoal causes the smell of smoke in barbecues and is even harmful to your health. When an hour has passed, and the brazier is prepared, place the kebab skewers on the brazier and blow well so that the kebabs catch.

Then turn the skewers, so all the kebabs are cooked and grilled evenly. Cut the tomatoes in half and slice them, and after the meat is grilled, examine them. You’ll serve this kebab with saffron rice or Sangak poppy bread with basil and onion.

Tips on the way to prepare shredded kebab

Onion juice is one of the foremost important and details that ought to be considered when cooking various styles of kebabs. Make certain to drink the onion juice completely. Make sure to feature the grated onion in the meat. Don’t use turmeric in cooking kebabs.

Kebab spice is crushed black pepper and salt and sometimes saffron. When grilling meat, you ought to listen to the gap of the skewers from the hearth because if the space is brief, the heart will burn. If the distance is long, the meat remains uncooked. If you switch the skewer timely, the meat won’t be cooked.

So you have got to listen to any or all this stuff. If you want to eat an authentic Iranian kebab, use mint and mint-flavored butter instead of soda and delight. If you’ve got anemia, it’s better to exchange salad with yogurt and butter rather than barbecue.

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