How To Survive (and Outsmart) The Instagram Algorithm

How To Survive (and Outsmart) The Instagram Algorithm

Are you ready for Instagram’s algorithm updates?

There hasn’t been a clear solution to this issue since the platform switched from reverse chronological to a curated content stream. However, you can connect Wix store to Instagram to create an efficient business platform.

The social algorithm upgrades have disrupted the brands’ organic reach in the past. So the marketers are scurrying to grasp the changes and reassess their strategic approach.

Taking a look at the present state of Instagram’s algorithm, we will see what is new.

Additionally, we’ll go through some particular techniques and approaches to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your organic reach as the algorithm changes.

Instagram Algorithm:

Time to go back in time to learn how Instagram algorithm have evolved over time.

It was stated in 2016 that the reverse-chronological feed will be replaced by a curated one, similar to Facebook. Instagram algorithm favors timely, new postings that correspond to users’ areas of interest, similar to Facebook’s adjustments that prioritize friends and family.

Instagram algorithm ranking signals have been characterized as follows by the network:

  • The likelihood of your involvement with comparable material.
  • Priority is given to posts that have been published recently.
  • Users with whom you’ve interacted the most are emphasized in the content you see.
  • How often you use Instagram has an impact on which posts appear at the top of your feed.
  • The number of individuals you follow has an impact on what you see. As a result of following so many people on Instagram, you may see less material from any one of those people.
  • Time spent on the app is increasing, This implies you’ll see more or even all the algorithm has to offer you right now if you scroll down your Instagram page.

Instagram Engagement:

I have explained in detail about the “Algorithms,” “classifiers,” and “systems” that determine what people view first on Instagram. When it comes to RSS feeds, the major characteristics listed above are similar to what I previously reported:

From engagement to more broad information such as geographic location.

As an example, past interactions or other signals that their material is relevant to you can be used to identify the individual who submitted it.

Your activity: Included in this is the number of posts you have liked, as well as how much you engage with the material in general, including comments and responses.

If you’ve interacted with someone in the past: Commenting, for example, might indicate your interest in interacting with another account in the future.

Instagram’s algorithm has evolved over time, much like any curated social feed.

What are the marketing implications of these technical advances?

Develop a content strategy that meets Instagram’s algorithm requirements. Creating consistently high-quality material that can withstand future algorithm modifications is one approach to accomplish this goal.

Even if you’ve noticed a decline in interaction on Instagram, it’s not necessarily due to the algorithm. You will be future-proofed and ready for any new algorithm modifications, however, if you have excellent content and a thorough grasp of how the platform functions.

How to beat Instagram’s algorithm:

Our understanding of how the algorithm works, as well as our own experience, suggests that growing your reach and engagement in a curated feed is certainly possible.

Here’s a quick look at some of the techniques and approaches you may use to increase the number of people who read your content.

1. Polish Your Photography Skills:

According to Instagram, ranking higher in your followers’ feeds goes hand-in-hand with creating great content.

It should be obvious, right? Because “good content” is subjective, we don’t have a lot of guidance on what makes “fine content.”

Unquestionably, the most liked and shared material on Instagram tends to be strikingly beautiful.

2. Maintain a steady stream of stories:

Instagram says that the Instagram Algorithm has no effect on Instagram stories.

With 500+ million daily visitors and one-third of the most-viewed stories originating from businesses, they’re a massively popular content category that’s highly successful for marketing.

Moreover, because Stories are always displayed on top of users’ feeds, regardless of how the algorithm prioritizes your content, you’ll always be in front of your audience’s eyes by using Instagram story maker.

But this doesn’t imply that you should prioritize Stories above other types of feed postings. Why pick between Stories and regular posts when you can have both?

3. Post Video Content:

Instagram doesn’t explicitly state that video is more important than photographs. However, it does imply that video is more important than photos.

They may give the impression that they’re treated the same. However, let’s delve a little further to find out why the video deserves your time and effort.

When was the last time you heard someone talk about eye-catching content? When your followers’ feeds autoplay videos, there’s probably no better method to catch their attention. So, while they navigate through their feeds, they would end up on your posts somehow.

Following the logic of Facebook’s algorithm, we want our followers to stay on our pages for the longest amount of time feasible. Simply said, both short and long-form videos need viewers to stop and look.

4. Create captions that are more intriguing:

Engagement is said to be a top priority in the Instagram Algorithm.

Because of this, likes and shares have a high value.

On the other hand, encouraging direct connection is perfectly legal on Instagram. It’s also really easy to do, since you can just ask your followers to leave a remark.

Even still, conventional wisdom tells us that not every post should follow this pattern, despite its simplicity. However, Instagram penalizes the accounts of those brands who are cheating or using foul methods. To put it another way, you should include relevant engagement-based captions in your Instagram posts, but you shouldn’t overdo it and force the strategy into every single post.


While Instagram algorithm is always changing, there are still plenty of methods for companies to connect their customers without having to rely only on paid advertisements

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