All Australians Can AccessLegal Advice                    

All Australians Can AccessLegal Advice

When you have a specific legal concern, and you need a professional with qualifications and training to offer guidance, that is when you turn to legal advice. If the guidance is in regards to a divorce, parenting orders or some other area in family law then it is family legal advice you need. For example, a family lawyer might recommend you take certain steps, or they may inform you of the possible legal outcomes of a certain action. A family law expert may even suggest you stop behaving in a certain manner to best help your predicament. Legal advice can come from a lawyer you hire to resolve a particular situation,and it also includes your initial conversations before you are a formal client. The advice you receive is more likely to be general in nature before you’ve signed an agreement. General advicecan be sought by any Australian by calling the Legal Advice Hotline. Open 7am-midnight, 7 days | Call: 1300 636 846.

Anyone who has a legal concern in Australia can access the hotline to seek clarification,family law advice, or guidance on any other legal matters. No matter where you are in the country, you can talk to someone. If needed, you can also request a call back using an online form. The legal experts will call you at a time that best suits you if you are concerned about having that outgoing call on record. The lawyer will help you with your legal query, answer questions, suggest the next steps you can take, and help you as best they can. In some cases their advice is enough, in some, you might need to hire a lawyer where you live to seek further guidance.

What area of law can you get advice about?

When it comes to calling the hotline for legal advice, you can ask for help in most areas including but not limited to, criminal law, immigration, litigation, family legal adviceand civil law. The advice is free, no matter the area of law you need help with, and you can reach an expert seven days a week from as early as 7am, to as late as midnight. When you need robust advice from an expert who can assess your situation, there is a lawyer that can take your call. The idea is that everyone in Australia regardless of location, income, background has access to sound legal advice when they need it.

The legal advice hotline is not the same as hiring your own lawyer. It is possible that their advice will lead you to hiring your own lawyer for legal representation. You might need family law adviceand representation in court, or to help with a contentious issue. A lawyer local to you is someone you can meet with, entrust, and someone who understands the local processes and can help specifically with your case. Calling the Legal Advice Hotline is a good place to get an idea of whether you need to hire a legal expert, or whether some general legal guidance is needed.

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