Small Perth commercial fitouts

Small Perth commercial fitouts

As the saying goes, there is no job too big or too small when it comes to Commercial fitouts. Whether the project is an office, a shop or a small business, you can rest assured knowing your designer and contractor will provide the special attention the fitout deserves. You’ll no doubt have many design requirements that need tobe achieved in one small space.It makes sense to engage a professional who can help create a functional, cohesive but still visually attractive space. There are a lot of advantages for a business to choose an experienced contractor forcommercial fitouts Perth, but there are steps you should carry out prior to seeking quotes. Here is a closer look at some things a business owner needs to consider.

Consider what kind of first impression it will make

When a small commercial business is relying on Perth commercial fitouts, a lot of thought must be put into creating a strong first impression amongst customers, clients, investors and walk ins. A spacious and aesthetically pleasing reception area can make all the difference when blended with the office or shop area. Extra effort during the planning phase of your project can go a long way to creatinga memorable first impression when people enter. A skilled contractor and designer will be knowledgeable and creative to help you achieve your goals. You and your interior designer can even figure out how to use desks, chairs and other furniture to enhance the appearance of your fitout – creativity extends beyond art, small plants and such.

Make sure your fitout functions well and does not create clutter

As great as a visually appealing fitout is, commercial fitouts Perth need to be practical, while helping staff to function and be productive in a comfortable environment. One of the big issues of small fitouts is storage and archival space. Larger offices and businesses facilities have the room for dedicated storage rooms, but this is not the case for smallerspaces. Your interior designer and contractor will guide youon how to solve limited storage space issues.

Make good choices when it comes to partitioning

Think about how to use partitioning.Will you opt for half or full height walls? Will glass or timber walls best suit your fitout? Partition walls are a good way to reduce noise without completely blocking office space and also help to create different areas and zones within your workspace. Partitioning also visually breaks up the rooms, making them more organised, more professional and more aesthetically pleasing. Partitioning allows meetings to take placewhile reducing the interruptions associated with the typical sounds of a collaborative office environment.


There are a lot of opportunities small Perth commercial fitoutsoffer business owners. But when working with a small space, more thought needs to go into the design and added features.Your fitout must look great, be comfortable and ensure your staff are productive. That includes considering plumbing issues, storage issues and designing a space that flows. Shortlist some contractors who handle commercial fitouts work. Compare their experience, projected costs, services offered and see what they have to say about designing a great workspace for you.