How Victims Can Recover the Financial Losses Caused by AFFF Foam Exposure

How Victims Can Recover the Financial Losses Caused by AFFF Foam Exposure

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, often known as AFFF, has been used to put out fires for many years by both civilian and military fire departments. Multiple groups used AFFF firefighting foam in both real-world fires and training scenarios. Unfortunately, a lot of the AFFF-related substances can accumulate in the body over time. These harmful substances can significantly raise your risk of contracting several serious, life-threatening diseases, such as cancer.

You could launch an AFFF firefighting foam case against negligent manufacturers, including Tyco, 3M, Dupont, and others, if you were diagnosed with cancer or another ailment after being exposed to firefighting foam. You must consult an attorney to know about the possible settlement amount for an AFFF lawsuit. Remember, the outcome of the lawsuit depends on the quality of the lawyer you hire.

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How can the victims recover from the financial losses caused by exposure to AFFF foam?

The victims can recover the financial losses by filing a lawsuit, and for that, they should consult an attorney. Those who file a civil claim alleging AFFF-related cancer are entitled to monetary recompense for their reasonable and foreseeable legal fees. Lawyers refer to these as “economic damages.” Most states have no cap on economic damages. Thus, plaintiffs can anticipate receiving full compensation as long as they can demonstrate responsibility. To file a lawsuit, the victims need the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer. The reason for this is that filing a firefighter foam lawsuit is a challenging process without the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney.

A lawyer will review your case and provide an expert legal opinion regarding whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit. The lawyer will also gather evidence, such as your medical records and work history, that will prove in court that you have been exposed to the substance. With the help of a lawyer, you would be able to file within the time limit based on the statute of limitations. A lawyer would also be able to negotiate the settlement amount based on the economic and noneconomic losses that you have incurred. 

It is not fair that you and your family should be forced to deal with the terrible financial and physical effects of substances that their producers were aware could possibly result in life-threatening diseases. If you are the surviving family member of a person whose death was brought on by prolonged exposure to film-forming foams containing toxic chemicals, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a professional and experienced attorney to learn more about your legal options for bringing a wrongful death claim.

However, it is significant to note that only firefighters and military personnel who regularly worked with AFFF are eligible for filing a lawsuit and that exposure must have happened in occupational or military settings in order to qualify for recovering compensation on behalf of a deceased loved one. You can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your deceased family member with the assistance of a lawyer who has extensive expertise in litigating toxic exposure cases.

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