Reasons Why CBD Doesn’t Work for You and How to Fix That

Reasons Why CBD Doesn't Work for You and How to Fix That

If you’ve tried taking CBD but it felt like nothing, there’s no need to claim that CBD is a placebo and out, and you just need to understand why it’s not affecting you. CBD products have many benefits, and it would be a huge omission to just throw your pack of gummies or bottle of oil in a trash bin.

Here are some of the reasons why CBD products may not provide any effect for you, and what you can do to fix that.

Low-Quality CBD: Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to stumble upon low-quality CBD products on the internet and get disappointed, thinking that CBD is just a placebo and it doesn’t provide any effect. You need to understand that the quality of cannabis products depends on the way the plant was raised, and not every store gets its products lab-tested and licensed. 

Incorrect Dosage: Taking a small dosage of CBD products can also cause a lack of effect. You need to start with a small amount, and after that, increase it if you feel like you need a stronger effect. The best way to find the right dosage is to contact a healthcare specialist and get proper recommendations on the amount and necessary products. 

Taking CBD at the Wrong Time: You may take CBD products at the wrong time, providing you with the wrong effects. CBD can be used to cope with sleeping problems if you take it before going to sleep, but if you take CBD products during the day, it can provide you with increased concentration. So you need to make sure that the timing of when you take CBD is right.

Underlying Health Conditions: Another reason why it’s better to contact a healthcare specialist before taking CBD products is underlying health conditions. You may not even know about them, but they can radically change the way your body metabolizes CBD. 

Lack of consistency: CBD products may not provide immediate effects, and you should take some time and consume them regularly to see improvements. Also, you need to understand that people may experience the use of CBD products differently since the effects depend on the individual.

Not Using CBD for the Right Condition: CBD is being researched for a wide range of potential health benefits, but it may not be effective for all conditions. It is important to do your own research and consult with your doctor to determine if CBD is the right treatment option for your specific condition.

To fix that problem, you can try:

Contact your doctor: In order to find the proper dosage or make sure that you have no underlying health conditions, you should consult with a specialist. It’ll help you understand the problem that’s causing you the lack of effects.

Different products: Experiment with different brands, ways of consumption, and types of products, you can find anything from CBD topicals to live rosin and track the effects.

Keeping a journal: Having a journal with all the listed CBD products, the time you take them, their dosage and their effects can help you understand the issues causing no health improvements and identify the patterns.

Increasing the dosage: You need to slowly increase the dosage of the CBD products you’re taking because some people have a high tolerance, making it hard for them to feel any effects from a small amount.

Being consistent with use: Feeling the effects from the first try is something that not every person experiences, and in order to notice visible improvements, you should take CBD products regularly for a certain period of time.


There are many reasons that can cause a lack of CBD effects, from a poor-quality product to underlying health conditions, so it’s necessary to check the reviews and contact a doctor before purchasing cannabis products. You shouldn’t disappoint in CBD just because you had a bad experience, it’s worth looking for the root cause of the problem.

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