Everything You Need to Know About CBD Capsules

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Capsules

CBD, or cannabidiol, is no longer new in most people’s ears. Research shows that many American adults have already used the product. The market had to respond to the rising demand for this magical compound. Nowadays, many forms of CBD include edibles and bath bombs. Gone are the days when CBD oil was the only available CBD product. In this piece, we focus on the best CBD capsules that many reputed CBD brands offer. 

Therefore, you should expect to learn what CBD capsules are and why everyone is talking about them. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What are CBD Capsules?

Simply put, capsules are made by encapsulating some amount of hemp oil rich in CBD in a capsule that later dissolves in the stomach. There are different capsule formulas available today. While some CBD capsules arrive in powdered form within a shell, some CBD soft gels have the powdered CBD extract combined with a carrier oil. This could be hemp oil, coconut oil, or even olive oil.

Ideally, cannabidiol capsules arrive in various formulas depending on what a brand intends for its products. For instance, people looking to use CBD capsules for sleep might prefer cannabidiol capsules that contain melatonin. Such will help them to regulate their disrupted sleep-wake cycles. Getting the right product for your needs largely depends on many factors and trial and error.

How is CBD Capsules Made?

To make cannabidiol capsules, you will require raw cannabidiol powder. This powder is encased in a dissoluble container (2-piece) that can be easily bitten through or swallowed. The CBD required in making CBD capsules is normally sourced from industrial hemp. This is because industrial hemp plants can’t contain more than trace amounts of THC.

In short, industrial hemp plants are cultivated with the sole purpose of getting large quantities of CBD as opposed to THC. Several methods can be used to extract CBD from these plants. However, the most popular and reliable method is CO2 extraction. Here, carbon dioxide is used to isolate useful cannabinoids from hemp. The reason why this extraction method is popular is due to its environment-friendly nature as well as its precision.

What are the Types of CBD Capsules?

There are three forms of CBD capsules, as distinguished below:

Full-spectrum capsules: simply put, full-spectrum CBD is the unchanged version of the extract sourced from hemp plants. This means that full-spectrum cannabidiol has all the essential compounds that occur naturally in cannabis. These include terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. It is also important to note that this extract has some trace amounts of THC, normally 0.3%, which is federally permitted. The reason why people like full-spectrum CBD products, including capsules, is due to the entourage effect. CBD extracts work well when no compound has been removed.

Broad-spectrum capsules: Even though it is federally legal to have up to 0.3% of THC in CBD products sourced from hemp, there are times when you will want your CBD capsules to have no THC at all. This is what broad-spectrum CBD capsules are all about. While they contain other useful compounds in hemp, like CBN, CBC, CBD, and limonene, they have no THC.

Isolate capsules: CBD isolate capsules have no other substance or compound apart from CBD. This is a good choice for people who want to ensure that they consume cannabidiol and nothing beyond that. However, since isolate capsules lack any other compound apart from CBD, they might be less effective compared to full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD capsules. In other words, the entourage effect will be something you will never achieve with isolate capsules.

The Benefits of Taking CBD Capsules

While taking these capsules, you may discover several benefits, including: 

CBD capsules are pre-dosed: Capsules are a beginner-friendly way of introducing yourself to cannabidiol, as it requires no equipment or dropper for measuring. Every cannabidiol capsule arrives in a pre-measured dose. This way, you do not have to ponder what dosage suits you.

Capsules are travel-friendly: CBD capsules are far more travel-friendly than vape or CBD oil products. Whenever you wish to consume CBD on the go, CBD capsules offer an ideal solution. They are perfect for office use, traveling, or after a gym session.

CBD capsules are tasteless: Most people fear CBD oil products for their bad taste. The nutty taste hardly disappears after masking these products with natural flavors. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil while putting off the strong hemp taste, CBD capsules are the way to go.

Capsules support digestion: It is a known fact that CBD oil has a fast absorption rate in the body. With that in mind, when CB is encapsulated in capsules, it tends to travel further to the digestive system. This means that the effects of cannabidiol will be felt immediately after the casing dissolves.

How Do You Take CBD Capsules?

Taking CBD capsules is very easy. You simply need to place the capsules (depending on the dosage) on your tongue and later swallow them with a glass of water. That’s all! You can opt to take CBD capsules with or without food. However, the food could affect how fast CBD gets absorbed in your body.

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Capsules Last?

One thing about CBD capsules is that they might take a long for effects to kick in. people who have used CBD capsules report that they take about one hour for them to start realizing the effects. However, these effects can last anywhere between 6 and 8 hours.

How to Make Sure Your CBD Capsules are Pure

You need to emphasize quality to pursue the best CBD capsules for pain or any other therapeutic benefit. First things first, you must transact with a reputable brand. Reading through customer reviews is easy to tell whether a brand has a good reputation. A reputable brand will be willing to provide third-party lab test results to you.

This is after sending a sample of their CBD capsules to a non-biased third-party lab to examine the quality and purity of their products. Having ascertained that their CBD capsules have no traces of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides, they will offer the cannabinoid profile report to the manufacturers. Therefore, you can be sure that you are using CBD products with the right potency and your desired cannabinoid composition.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for an excellent way to try out the magical compound (CBD), CBD capsules are suitable for a start. To reap the benefits of whatever CBD product you intend to use, you must first identify why you wish to use it. Following that, ensure to research the brand. It is vital to note that not every CBD capsule out there will deliver the intended results. For that reason, it is wise to look for third-party lab test results to ascertain the purity and quality of your capsules. Last, seek your doctor’s advice before incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, especially if you are on other medication.

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