A Real Catch to Track All the Gossip Groupies At the Workplace

This morning I had a strange experience in the office. I was a little early than my usual time but didn’t know this will be such a huge deal for the employees. So I just entered, and for a visual aid for you guys, there is an employee’s booth. On one side some team sits togtheer on one table and at the end of the corridor is my office. So I was walking towards my office and it was like every booth was getting a massage at the same time. The scene from the Sandra Bullock movie came into my mind where the entry of the witch boss was broadcasted through group chats. Yes, it did feel like that at the moment. I walked past them silently while listening to every chat beep. When I reached the office first thing I did was to ask them about the progress on the employee monitoring app.

Well call me the rude witch boss but maybe yes I am. I  mean if you guys need group chats to announce the little early arrival of the boss then maybe the boss needs an employee monitoring app as well. That will maintain harmony. Otherwise, it will be just us employers wondering about what the employees are talking about and if they are up to anything good or not.

Why Employee Monitoring?

Don’t get me wrong, but with all the storm of instant messenger chat apps and social media apps in the corporate sector, it has been a tough ride keeping the workforce concentrated on quality stuff.  One beep can make your mind distracted. This is not just about the use of apps for personal reasons during working hours but as painful as it is we can’t just deny the importance of these apps in the working sector. For example, the trend of digital marketing and the use of these platforms to promote and aware the citizen about your presence is just one example of how we are getting addicted to smart tools and technology. So with all this and much more, we employers must make sure that the employees don’t get dragged in the flow and keep remember the fine line of professionalism while using these apps for work. 


The app we are considering use for employee monitoring is OgyMogy. Apart from many other useful features, they offer a strong social media and instant messenger monitoring section that cover most of the platforms for the users. No need to wonder what your employee is up to in group chat, with just a few clicks you can read or check everything. There is no running away from instant messenger chat apps at work

IMO Spy App:

The app we especially going to talk about today is IMO. Employees use it to discuss official and unofficial matters. OgyMogy offers an Imo spy app that can let the user have remote access to the IMO chat app of the target employee. So it’s easy to know about the inside matters in detail with the employee monitoring app. 

Remote Access To Group Chats:

Get into the chat group of the employees and know if anyone is having a hard time at the workplace. Similarly, access to the group chat can let you know about the team spirit, hierarchy, and work distribution among the employees. Track any gossip groupies and assess if they need a warning call or not. Similarly, you can know about any possible bully at the workplace as well or any team leader or a senior employee who is responsible for exploiting the powerful position.  

Get into a Private Message Box:

Access to the private chat box through the IMO spy app can help the employer track any spy or suspicious activities at the workplace. Monitor the text content and know about any coded message or illegal media sharing with outsiders. 

Have Eyes On Incoming and Outgoing:

IMO spy app let you know about incoming and outgoing call record in the working hours. 

There is an important thing that must be kept in mind while using the OgyMogy employee monitoring app. You can only monitor your employees through the company-owned device. As far as you are doing it legally you are fine.

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