Top 5 Twitter Feed Plugins For WordPress | 2021

Top 5 Twitter Feed Plugins For WordPress

Twitter is often seen as a trendsetter for social media trends as that’s where all the new trends and hashtags emerge. The best part is that within the 280 character limit, people still manage to say all they want to express.

Twitter has a major impact on the masses, marketers have identified that, and that’s why adding a Twitter feed to websites has become one of the major marketing trends.

For WordPress website owners, there are Twitter Feed plugins that enable easy embedding options for Twitter. You can collect all of your premium tweets in one place, generate an embed code, and paste it into the backend of your WordPress website.

Here’s a list of the best 5 Twitter Feed Plugins for you to choose from and start your journey.

Top 5 Twitter Feed Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is your ideal Twitter feed plugin to create responsive & quick Twitter feed widgets to help you deliver a seamless user experience, reduce website bounce rate, and improve engagement. You can accelerate your WordPress website’s performance by curating and publishing social feeds, UGC, hashtag campaigns & reviews on your web pages.

Taggbox Widget makes it easy for you to fetch tweets from Twitter using your unique hashtag, handle, mention, favorites, and more. It brings all the content to one place, where you can moderate it using advanced filters to filter out irrelevant tweets. Further, you get customization options to create a visually appealing Twitter Widget with filters, themes, layout, colors, fonts, etc. 

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Easy Twitter Feed Widget plugin allows users to add their preferred tweets to their WordPress website with the Twitter feed widget. You get an interface that makes the procedure easy, so you do not need to create any Twitter application.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget, just as the name suggests, makes it easy for you to add your entire Twitter timeline on your WordPress website’s sidebar. It is user-friendly and offers various layouts and themes to blend your Twitter feed Widget with your WordPress website.


Juicer offers solutions to create and embed display walls on your WordPress website. Like Taggbox Widget, you can collect tweets with hashtags and handles and easily add them to your WordPress website. You get moderation filters to keep the tweets’ quality on your WordPress website intact. 

The Twitter feed widget offered by Juicer is auto-synced. It means that once a new update or tweet is published, it will immediately show on your WordPress website, providing your visitors with something fresh each time they come.


With Hootfeed, you can easily curate your Twitter Widget and embed it on your WordPress website. Hootfeed comes with extraordinary designs and themes to personalize and curate responsive Twitter Widgets.

The features don’t just end here, you get to moderate or filter out the irrelevant tweets to ensure that you only showcase premium quality content to your WordPress website visitors.


Elfsight is another one of the easy-to-use Twitter feed plugins for WordPress websites. Elfsight offers many customization features to personalize your Twitter widget the way it works for your audience and offer an engaging experience to your website visitors. 

The Twitter widget offered by Elfsight is code-free, so you don’t need to put in any extra effort.

Why should you add Twitter Feed Plugin to WordPress Website?

Adding your Twitter feed to your WordPress website is the most effective form of content marketing as you introduce your website visitors to your Twitter presence and give them updates without having to leave the website. 

It is also a great way to direct traffic to your Twitter account. When users like your tweets, they will follow you on Twitter and share your content or retweet with their friends and followers, helping you to create brand awareness through Twitter.

You can bring transparency to your website by adding authentic tweets or UGC of your customers or users sharing their experience with your brand, which will help you build trust among the potential customers. Not just that, Twitter is a major platform that amplifies social proof, helping you create successful hashtag campaigns with your website visitors also taking an active interest.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

These were the top 5 Twitter feed plugins for you to bring out the best results for your Twitter account and your website altogether. Adding a Twitter feed to your WordPress website seems like a tricky thing, but with the best Twitter feed plugins, the task becomes much easier.

We hope that you understand the Twitter feed plugins now. Also, how easily you can add them to your website using these top 5 Twitter feed plugins for the WordPress website.