Things to keep in mind while getting hair extensions

Things to keep in mind while getting hair extensions

Are you fed up with your same hairstyles and want to have some change? Are you willing to go for hair extensions? Great choice! But you have to be aware of some important things before doing so. So read the below-mentioned tips to keep in mind before going through the hair extension process.

  •       Decide the type of extension.

Before buying a hair extension, you must decide which type you want. There are two types of hair available: synthetic and human hair. Choose the hair type of the extension.

Human hair is expensive, and it’s preferred by everyone and gives a seamless look. If correctly attached, it can blend with your hair flawlessly. Synthetic ones are cheaper but can not be styled with heat. So choose the one you want and go for it!

  •       Match with your Hair Color

When buying hair extensions, you need to get the extensions that match your hair color. If there is a difference in the color shade, it will look unreal and fake. Hair extensions of wide color ranges are available in the market. Get the one that matches your hair shade to look flawless with the extensions.

If you can’t find the same hair color go for a similar one. You can also get the extensions dyed to achieve your hair color. Ensure you get the right one that will look extremely natural on your hair. 

  •       Right Texture

An important thing to consider before hair extensions is what texture you need. A lot of questions come together. What should you choose for yourself?

You can completely change your hairstyle, or you can just follow your natural texture and extend them. You can choose any of these as your new hairstyle: wavy, curly, straight, etc. Apply all permutations and combinations to decide what texture will suit you the best, and then go for the hair extension process.

  •       Long or Short-Term Extension

How long do you want your hair extensions to last? Before going for hair extensions, you must decide between a permanent or temporary extension.

A temporary extension is best if you want long hair for one event. With a temporary extension, you will have the provision to take out the extension whenever required. It will cost less than a permanent extension. Clip-in and halo extensions are extremely affordable. You can look stunning instantly with a temporary extension. 

Permanent extensions are a bit pricey, but with this, you won’t have to think about removing them every time. You can get a permanent look for a long period. It lasts for over a month. Micro-ring hair extensions are a procedure that makes the hair most durable and lasts up to four months.

  •       Length of the Hair

Do you want your hair to be long or short? Are you sure about the length of the hair? How long should your hair fall to your waist, back, or shoulders? When going to hair extensions, it is better to be clear about what length you want.

Having a rough idea of the length before is very important. It is better to do it long enough to be sized again. Then, your styler can resize your extension and keep it to the desired length.

  •       Go for Seamless Hair Extension

The way you put on the extensions has a great effect on how it gives an overall look. If your extensions are put on correctly in a neat way, then they can look amazing.

You need to get seamless hair extensions for a great experience. Seamless extensions are placed close to the hair and give a natural look. The illusion of the overall hairstyle looks very real. According to your hair flow and direction, the extensions are attached. This helps to create volume in the hair instantly.

  •       Get The Best Tape-ins

To get a clean extension, you have to go for tape-ins. These are adhesives that are applied to hair extensions. With these extensions, you can put up your hair in whatever way you like. You can go for every hairstyle if these extensions are put on correctly. So do your research and go for the best tape in hair extensions for amazing results.


If you want hair extensions, you must consider several factors. Choose the right one that matches your hair texture, style, and color. Make sure to get it done by a professional to have the best output to make you look gorgeous!


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