What Kind of Healing Properties Do Rubies Have?

What Kind of Healing Properties Do Rubies Have

The precious gemstone of ruby is often associated with the color red. These gemstones are usually depicted as large and heavy stones, which the rich queen has difficulty lifting with her dainty hands. While red is the typical color of ruby, it is not uncommon to find them in shades of crimson and pink.

The element chromium imparts a mesmerizing red color to the stone. Did you know that rubies are rarer and often, more expensive than diamonds? Even the element chromium is rare, which is why pure red rubies are the rarest and the most expensive.

Rated a solid 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, the ruby is believed to hold powerful healing properties. In this article, we will learn about the precious stone’s healing abilities and different ways of using it to harness its power.

Ruby and Physical Health

As per Vedic Indian astrological science, the ruby gemstone is also known as the healing or cleansing crystal. It holds the power to heal a variety of physical ailments in the body and even preserve good health.

1.      Menstruation Issues

It is widely believed that women who wear ruby gemstones close to their bodies face relatively less severe side effects of menopause. These include vaginal dryness, insomnia, loss of hair, severe abdominal pain in some cases, and hot and cold flashes.

The stone also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, thereby pacifying the mood swings associated with the hormonal changes that take place. Not only that but women have also reported experiencing less painful cramps, believed to be a result of wearing a ruby.

2.      Skin Problems

A ruby gemstone acts as a sauna for the skin – it heats the epidermal layer from within, stimulates blood circulation, and detoxifies the body. This cleansing property of the stone helps treat severe acne, psoriasis, and skin infections, among others. Also, the crystal is said to diffuse light, which brightens the evening skin tone and hides imperfections like blackheads, uneven tone, etc.

3.      Diseases in Vital Organs

People with high and low blood pressure problems may find a healing balance in ruby gemstones. The crystal is said to rule the chakras for vital organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain. You can steer clear of heart diseases, lung infections, and so on with this precious gemstone near your body.

Though ruby preserves brain health, it is also used to treat patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is because it helps agitated patients calm down, improves blood flow metabolism, and may bring back memories of things forgotten in time.

4.  Bone Disorders

A ruby gemstone is often recommended to patients suffering from bone-related ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, borderline osteoporosis, etc. By channelizing calcium in the body, the stone makes bones hard and strong. As a result, it prevents issues of bone tuberculosis and supports the healing process for bone renewal.

5.      Intimate Health

The fiery red color of ruby is often associated with love and passion. Hence, ruby can help stimulate one’s love drive and energy. It enables the wearer to channel their intimacy tension productively. People with problems like impotency are often recommended certified ruby gemstones for recovery.

Emotional Healing Properties

Besides imparting physical health to the body, the ruby crystal is said to affect a person’s psychological and emotional well-being in a positive way. After all, it is the gemstone associated with love and the need for courage that comes with it. It impacts at least the following areas –

1.      Depression and Negative Thinking

According to the Vedic texts, the ruby gemstone is related to the Manipura Chakra – the navel of the body. Once this chakra is unlocked, the stone’s wearer experiences a sense of healthy self-esteem and responsibility.

It also promotes a sense of vitality and calmness, thereby alleviating anger issues and constant negative thinking. In general, aggressive people happen to have a poor outlook on life and are less receptive to positive changes. By taking away the aggression, ruby sharpens a person’s focus and boosts their confidence.

2.      Balancing Sensitivities

On its surface, the ruby stone oozes opulence, but beneath the glamor lies themes connected to emotional balance. Since ancient cultures, it is believed that rubies can help balance out a wearer’s sensitive nature. It can prevent destructive thought patterns and empower an individual to embrace their empathetic self.

3.      Rebuilding Trust

At the heart of it, ruby symbolizes the red color of love, which means, it also involves the overcoming of unrequited passion. Also known as the gemstone of protection, its wearer is said to receive the power of forgiving and letting go of wounds inflicted by love.

The stone’s healing vibrations dislodge in the wearer’s throat, heart, and other spaces interrupting proper blood flow. They are empowered to love and trust again, allowing themselves to be vulnerable to their beloved.

Spiritual Health with Ruby

Of all gemstones, rubies are said to protect against evil attacks. In ancient times, people believed its red color could ward off vampires and other dark creatures of the night. A modern take on this mythical belief would be protection against psychic attacks. Wearing this stone during meditation can relax the mind and make it easier to open all chakras and achieve higher consciousness.

The metaphysical healing properties of rubies may differ based on the stone’s carat and color. The general information about the stone is that it may be available in a range of hues, from dark pink to blood red. The darker the ruby’s reddish hue, the stronger its healing properties.

The stone’s wearer can choose the shape based on their reason for purchase. According to Leibish, rubies are available in oval, teardrop, and heart shapes. Correspondingly, an individual purchasing the stone for emotional healing can choose a teardrop shape, whereas those purchasing to overcome unhealthy love bonds can wear a heart-shaped stone. However, the shape is just symbolic and does not affect the stone’s efficacy.

Ruby’s Healing Powers: Verity or a Myth?

The belief that rubies can heal a person physically, mentally, and spiritually stems from the ancient holistic healing systems practiced in Egyptian and Vedic cultures. Even today, the gemstone is used in alternative medical treatment, called crystal healing therapy, where the stone is placed over a person’s body (preferably their navel) to tap into its supposed healing powers.

Despite being highly popular, there is no scientific evidence that crystals have healing properties. Some scientists believe that the therapy is indeed pseudoscience, which works similarly to the placebo effect.

Peter Heaney, the Pennsylvania State University’s minerals study professor, said to the Washington Post that there are no National Science Foundation studies to support the healing properties of crystals, even rubies. But if the phenomenon of faith has any power, then crystals do have healing energy.

A 2001 study of 80 participants found that a sense of healing and betterment were reported among both groups – those meditating using real crystals and those using fake ones. It was also discovered that those who believed in the healing power of crystals were twice as likely to report an overall sense of well-being than those who didn’t. This further reinforced that crystal healing may work as a placebo effect.

Even if ruby’s healing properties are a placebo, they’re certainly not the first of their kind. Moreover, this does not take away from the fact that rubies are among the rarest and most precious gemstones on the Earth.

Different Ways to Use the Gemstone

If you’re planning to purchase a ruby gemstone for its healing properties, it is best to keep it close to the body. The two most common ways to use the gemstone are to embed it in a ring (preferably gold or silver) or a necklace.

As per astrologers, the gemstone is to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand to derive maximum benefits. The proposed day to wear this gemstone is early Sunday morning. There are no restrictions to the stone’s color or shape; it all depends upon the wearer’s preference.

Ruby stones are also purchased for ornamental purposes, in which case multiple stones (of varying shapes) may be embedded to form a necklace in gold or silver. Ruby’s purity depends on the color, but that does not mean the redder it is, the purer it will be. A real stone has an even color tone throughout and is not too bright.

Final Thoughts

The global rough ruby market is growing at a CAGR of 5% till 2028. Most of the demand is emerging for jewelry and decoration purposes from developed economies like the US.

Only lately are people in the West realizing the healing power of crystals, even ruby stones. It is likely that in the upcoming years, demand may rise further among those who want to wear ruby stones for their healing properties, besides aesthetic purposes.

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