The Ultimate Women’s Spring Fashion Guide in 2023

The Ultimate Women's Spring Fashion Guide in 2023

Spring Style: Your Guide to Women’s Spring Fashion in 2023

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter coats are still in heavy rotation. If you’re lucky, you got a little snow to go with the bone-chilling cold this year (thank you, global warming), and you probably haven’t worn anything but boots and two layers of socks for at least the last three months. Thankfully, this is the time of year when the Spring fashion shows begin to take place and the Spring ready-to-wear collections launch.

The Spring fashion weeks are our guide to what will be so hot and so not (pun intended) as the Northern half of the world slowly begins to emerge from its icy chrysalis and resume its bare-shouldered, short-skirted, warm weather life. From denim pants and cotton shirts, the Spring shows let us know what’s coming down the pike for the new season. We’ve got a guide to the best of the brand new Spring styles, so you won’t be left in the dark about what’s coming your way.

Spotlight on Silver

While the last few years have been gold on repeat, we’re seeing a move over to slightly less ostentatious silver moments in the accessories sphere. Big, bold cuffs, slinky drop earrings, chunky womens watches on slender female wrists…we’re excited to see where the resurgence of the silver accessory takes us.

Denim, Denim, Denim

Denim is one of the few fabrics that has never and likely will never go out of style since it first moved from workwear to everything else. While we are firm believers that the Canadian Tuxedo has never stopped being fabulous (double denim), we are seeing a lot more of them out and about and on the runways this Winter season moving into Spring. Since everything early 2000s is having another moment in the spotlight, it should come as no surprise that low-rise is back on the runways too, though you’ll have a hard time convincing us to wiggle into belly-baring jeans again! The denim-pants-into-skirts trend that had us all ripping our jeans open down the legs and stitching them closed over the crotch is back again too. Thankfully, these recycled trends have been refined since their first turn in the spotlight and are now made with real bodies and movement in mind.

Image by Mika Asato via Pexels

Minimal Matters

The pared-back, clean, and minimal lines and textures that have been all over our Instagram feed this Winter are following us into Spring, and we’re mad about it. This look is simple but never basic. It takes the most everyday garments like slacks and blazers and tailors them to give them a sleek, chic, yet wearable finish. Classic button-down cotton shirts, double-breasted wool coats in one solid color, and lots of oversized shapes that are slick rather than sloppy. Office wear, but cooler.

Image by Antony Trivet via Pexels

Sheer Nerve

Though the weather may still prohibit wearing anything sheer and see-through, the sheer trend is back on the runways for a time when you can bear to peel off your thermals again. We aren’t just talking tiny little tank tops: the sheer trend encompasses every kind of garment, from polo neck tees to long-sleeved scoop necks to mesh midi skirts. If you’re afraid of baring it all, opt for a bra top over your underwear to show off a lot of skin while still feeling comfortable in yours.

Secure the Bag

We never say no to an enormous bag, and while they certainly haven’t ever entirely gone out of style (depending on who you ask), bigger and better bags are back on the runways once again. Interesting shapes are taking over where regular square or rectangular bags once dwelt. Simple straps are now replaced by organic shapes and many drawstring bucket bags. If you ask us, the bigger the bag, the better it is!

Well Tailored

We always knew that Diane Keaton’s style would have its day again! The tailored vest and trouser combos that were on every runway in the nineties, not to mention racing the closets of every serious supermodel are back in a big way. Sharp v-necked vests and high-waisted, flowing trousers paired together over a basic white tee or under a wool coat are the perfect antidotes to winter blues.

Florals…For Spring

Though we know what the one and only Miranda Priestly would have to say about anything floral on a Spring runway, we like this new take on Spring florals. Yes, the miniature bud prints we adored in the nineties are gracing peasant tops again, but aside from that, we are seeing florals more as texture than print this season. Crocheted tops and skirts with floral details, floral textured tanks…we’re here for this groundbreaking moment in fashion.

Wrap Up

These are our absolute favorite fashion moments from the Spring shows so far. What are yours?

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