Do not miss out on taking care of your wife post pregnancy! 5 Tips.

Do not miss out on taking care of your wife post pregnancy! 5 Tips

A pregnant woman carries a child in her womb for nine months, which is really challenging. Unfortunately, these challenges don’t stop after childbirth. The child asks for constant attention, care, and love, which can be tiring. However, every woman does this with a happy heart and smile, as she loves her little bundle of joy the most. Yet, you cannot forget that giving birth is a life-changing experience that takes a toll on a woman’s health.

Thus, she needs her partner to step up and be a supportive father and husband. If you are a husband reading this blog, you are halfway there because you are trying to be a supportive husband. So,

how can you support and care for your wife and child post pregnancy? By following the below advice.

Help with feeding duty.

The mother has to wake up every few hours to nurse the baby during the night. As a father, you cannot do much at that time, but if you are by her side offering to change the diaper, it will make a difference. Moreover, during the day, I take over the feeding duty. Your wife will be tired from nursing the baby all night. So, let her sleep as she is also recovering from childbirth, an excruciating experience. Thus, use the milk she has pumped to feed the baby during the day. And if you are lucky enough that the baby sleeps, take some shut-eye yourself, as taking care of yourself is necessary too.

Help her take back control of her body.

Your wife cannot start exercising right after giving birth, whether it is vaginal or by c-section. However, she can do a few other things to slowly start getting her energy, health, and body back. For instance, find nutritious and delicious recipes to ensure she feels energetic. has multiple recipes for postpartum women that you or your wife can cook and enjoy. Also, the site has other benefits for your wife.

Check on her while she is breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a miracle because it feeds the baby, cares for the mother and newborn child, and helps women lose weight. (Women burn 500 calories from feeding.). However, it can also be isolating when the mother provides the baby 15 times a day and has the baby sleep on her. To ensure she is comfortable, ask her if she needs anything. Maybe she needs a pillow, phone, water, snacks, or even the remote. Just ensure she has everything with her because once she starts feeding, she is not going anywhere from the chair for some time.

Don’t think that Mom knows it all.

When a baby comes, a father thinks that her wife will know what to do. But, unfortunately, that is not true because she is also learning to be a mother—this is her first child, after all. So, instead of putting everything on the mom, try to be more present with the baby. You will learn gradually, and the mistakes you make while parenting will only help you become a better parent.

For instance, if the baby is constantly crying, don’t snap at her, or vice versa. You are a team, and trying a few different things will help you know what works, as every baby is unique.

Take charge at home

After giving birth to your child, your wife will be low on energy, hormonal, and anxious. Therefore, take charge of your home to ease her anxiety. It means cleaning the house perfectly before she and the baby arrive. After she comes home, ensures she does not have to worry about clothes in the laundry bag or dishes in the sink. She will start sharing the load soon, but till then, you have to step up.

Moreover, limit the number of visits from relatives, as that can add stress to both of your lives. But don’t be afraid to accept genuine assistance.


These are just a few pointers to help you care for your wife and child after birth. Lastly, be attentive and communicate with each other to share your feelings because you both are tired and anxious. Also, pay attention to your wife. If she shows signs of postpartum depression, take immediate action.

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