11 interesting facts about wine that you never thought of

Then continue reading to learn more interesting facts about wine, a beverage essential to many gatherings and parties.

Did you know that wine production began in around 4000 BC? Yes, archaeologists have discovered evidence that Arena organized the production of wine near an Armenian village around this time.

Or can a rich wine sauce in an edible egg increase its flavor by 100%? No? Then continue reading to learn more interesting facts about wine, a beverage essential to many gatherings and parties.

Whether you love white wine or red, both have a few secrets that will blow your mind. So, ready to read a few interesting facts about wine?

 Fact 1: Wine can improve your eyesight

Research suggests that wine is central to improving your eyesight. The retina’s central portion is known as the macula, and its degeneration can cause vision loss. The grape contains an antioxidant called resveratrol, which prevents the degeneration of eye muscles caused by aging. Thus, buy wines online and enjoy a glass, but in moderation.

Fact 2: There is a name for fear of wine.

Did you know that people have a legitimate fear of wine? Yes, it’s true, and the name of this fear is oenophobia.

Fact 3: You can use red wine on your skin.

Yes, an interesting fact that will blow your mind is the use of wine on the skin. If you have acne-prone skin, try applying red wine to it. It will remove pores while battling acne and opening pores. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help fight acne. You can apply red wine or buy wine-infused skincare products to help get clear skin. But, of course, diet and managing underlying health conditions matter.

Fact 4: You can swim in wine

In Japan, you will come across a spa where you can swim in wine, tea, and coffee. It seems like Japan should be on your list of countries to visit. The Yunessun Spa resort in Hakone, Japan, has a wine pool for living out your fantasies.

Fact 5: The oldest preserved bottle of wine dates back 1700 years.

Germany’s historical museum in the Palatinate has the oldest unopened bottle of wine. The claim says it is almost 1700 years old. It’s a 1.5-liter Speyer wine bottle with dolphin-shaped handles. It belonged to a Roman nobleman and noblewoman, and the wine was in their tomb.

Fact 6: Wine was chosen over water to quench thirst centuries ago.

Centuries ago, people never drank water to quench their thirst. Instead, they drank wine because the water was deadly and full of germs, leading to cholera and typhoid. Wine is naturally fermented, making it the preferred choice of drink as it can help kill these germs.

Fact 7: It can help fight depression

A survey says that wine can fight mild depression. It happens because wine works as an antidepressant and keeps you happy. So, if you are feeling blue, try a glass of wine. However, don’t use wine as a coping mechanism or to treat chronic depression.

Fact 8: Centuries ago, women weren’t allowed to drink wine

In earlier times in the Roman Empire, women weren’t allowed to drink wine. Women caught drinking wine got the death sentence as punishment.

Fact 9: Women get easily drunk

Women are susceptible to wine and get drunk quickly because of fewer enzymes in their bodies. So yes, you should blame women’s biology, as the few enzymes in their bodies mean that the stomach finds it hard to break down the alcohol.

Fact 10: The number of wine grapes available will blow your mind

Everyone knows that winemakers ferment grapes to make wine. But did you know that there are over 10,000 varieties of grapes for winemaking?

Fact 11: You can spit out the wine at wine-tasting events

Yes, it’s absolutely okay for you to spit the wine out at a wine-tasting event. You can fill your mouth with wine, swirl it, and either swallow it or spit it out. Most do the latter, as it allows them to taste different wines.

These few wine facts will make for an exciting conversation starter while attending a wine tasting or meeting someone on a date. Isn’t it? So, keep drinking your wine, stay safe, and be happy.

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