Shipping to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight

Shipping to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight

This article provides brief information about the US-based delivery mode.

The requirement for the delivery service has increased with the unavailability of additional time for the shipment of goods to various locations. Moreover, the shipment service companies can make it viable for the customer by placing a request for an affordable price range with the need to boost the traffic quantum that the customer would receive.

This article will discuss the merits of a web-based freight serving platform and the related information on shipping to Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.

What is Rapid Express Freight?

The delivery service firm manages to provide swift dispatch and attain 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to that, the company hires many employees to meet their speedy service in the shortest span of time.

The firm imparts courier services and will head to your residence to pick up the parcel and hand it over to their trained drivers. The delivery message will be provided as soon as the parcel is delivered. In addition to that, they have a specially designed system that manages to find out by the Load Board whether the driver has delivered the parcel in the specified time.

Furthermore, let’s have information about FBA before getting to know about the Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight method.

What is FBA, and what does it offer?

Fulfillment By Amazon can be termed as a portal that reinforces the owners of various businesses to move into the world of digital marketing by subscribing to them with Amazon logistics. The business occupants are now in the line, ready to ship their material to the Amazon fulfillment center if the user orders a particular product.

Moreover, Amazon has a pivotal role in managing a particular item and delivering it to the user.


Considering the specific rules and regulations and following the guidelines, the FBA shipping consignment is managed in a particular order with the use of Rapid Express. It is required to schedule a delivery appointment in advance. The delivery appointment is issued via the request portal of Amazon Carrier Appointment.

On the contrary, the use of FBA is a hectic mode of shipment as it involves the specific package assembling method to follow incongruity with the FBA manual guideline of Amazon. Moreover, they must follow a set of specifications provided by the firm.

Rapid Express Freight Characteristics:

  • Load Entry: Every particular package has to pass through the load entry screen. In the screening, the data of every package, like its height, weight, dimension, and type, are noted.
  • Direction Database: The SHIPPING TO AMAZON FBA RAPID EXPRESS FREIGHT procedure keeps track of its customer on a regular basis. Furthermore, they have a strong database record and would not ask for the repeated user’s address for the shipment.
  • The Service watch facilitation: It provides you with the necessary data of your package if you get it misplaced.


  • The Rapid Express Freight has a team of experienced, skilled workers in close communication with the Amazon facility.
  • They provide information to schedule the necessary appointment as per the Amazon norms.
  • The packages are mostly on the scale of on-time delivery as per the specified time or the day after, which helps the user sell the item on the Amazon FBA store quickly.
  • The facility delivers the product on time at a very affordable price range.
  • It provides an online tracking system to reach out to the product and provide the commitment likewise.

Lesser Known Facts

  1. The portal was registered on 9th November 2003.
  2. It has an expiry date of 9th November 2024.
  3. It has an Alexa rank of 3032124 with a trust score of 75.6 out of 100.
  4. It has an overall 20% score rate.
  5. It has no feature to display customer reviews on the Trustpilot platform.
  6. It has been reviewed 3/5 star rating on some of the review sites.
  7. It is not secured with the HTTPS model, which is rare for an Amazon tie-up freight service.
  8. The rapid express freight can be reached at or 718-218-6868.

Final Words:

The domain age is a supporting factor in contrast to the insecure HTTP website. The content provided the facts and merits about the Amazon FBA facility and the rapid express freight procedure.