Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday and Saturday?

All Week, FedEx Delivers - Ground, Express, Home!

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, FedEx is a worldwide logistics operator with over half a million employees, or over 850,000 to be precise! Starting off in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1971, FedEx became the first logistical operator to offer overnight delivery as a flagship service through air delivery in 1973.

It is ever since that FedEx has met its delivery timelines in with over 98.5% in all of its transportation and courier operations! As a spearheading, pioneer in logistical operations, FedEx is now operational 7 days a week! Considering its operations include committing to delivering parcels even on Sundays, there could be some under-weather days when due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery may get delayed. FedEx sees to it that it meets the set deadlines for delivering packages to its intended recipients even on a Sunday! However, sometimes the delivery person may get delayed; reasons could be any. 

Does FedEx deliver on Sunday?

Nevertheless, FedEx Home Delivery services are now functional all days of the week! In fact, most residential customers prefer if the package is delayed on a weekend since they are available at home to receive it. Furthermore, the incidents of packages returning to the delivery warehouse, undelivered due to the unavailability of anyone at home during weekdays, have also driven FedEx into arranging delivery options on the weekends!

The icing on the cake is, that these options are included as ‘Free of Cost’ when dispatching through FedEx Home Delivery services! Other FedEx delivery options such as the FedEx Express, include delivering on Saturday (but not Sunday) if the sender has selected the “Saturday Delivery particular handling option”! If you are sending any package through FedEx Ground, then the deliveries are scheduled to occur between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. all from Monday through Friday! Through FedEx Home Delivery, deliveries are dispatched Tuesday through Friday, between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Saturdays & Sundays between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.!

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

On every working day, as well as over the weekend, FedEx personnel tries to make his delivery on time the very day it is scheduled for! The usual working hours or rather delivery timings fall between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the very day, including weekends! Though, you must note that different FedEx service packages have different delivery time schedules. Sometimes, the FedEx delivery agent may try to go beyond his call of duty and maybe stretch his working hours by a few minutes to even over half an hour, in case he is delivering packages to recipients who might be much nearer with respect to their residential address location.

In case you are wondering, if you received a notification or some sort of message or email, about the package having been delivered, yet you can’t locate the package, chances are the agent chose a smart place to hide it or place it on your front porch or near the carport. Or even might have handed it over to your neighbor, for pretty hard safe—keeping your valuable delivery!

What Time Does FedEx Deliver?

FedEx Home Delivery works all days of the week, including the weekends — Saturday & Sunday! As per their Home Delivery service package, the FedEx agent person will attempt all deliveries between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the scheduled day. Most packages may require a signature; hence the delivery agent might see to it that the intended recipient is available at home for verification purposes.

In situations where, the recipient is unavailable at home, or rather nobody’s at home, the delivery agent might leave the parcel with your neighbor, which would be a much more trustworthy scenario to safeguard your package from theft, if left outside your home! For an easy reference, here are the most popularly used FedEx services, and their Delivery time schedules:

If sending through, FedEx Express, between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. all across Monday through Friday. (For Saturday deliveries, you must select the ‘Saturday Delivery’ handling option.) 

Whereas, the FedEx Ground option provides deliveries scheduled between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday through Friday.

For packages sent to residential deliveries, through FedEx Home Delivery, all deliveries occur between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Tuesday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 

What Time Does FedEx Stop Delivering?

FedEx Delivery services extend up to 8 p.m. every day of the week, depending on the mode of FedEx services as selected by the sender of the package. Most delivery agents will try to make your delivery until the very last moment. Quite a few agents would go beyond their daily work-hour time limits and make that last delivery even if it means extending by a few minutes, given that the recipient is within a couple of minutes from their last delivery. 

Does FedEx Deliver On Weekends?

Only the FedEx Home Delivery service option has special provisions for getting your packages delivered to you on weekends. The only other service package from it, which provides deliveries of packages apart from weekdays, is FedEx Express. Through this option, your packages are delivered on Saturdays only, if you have selected that option during assigning and handing over the parcel at the nearest FedEx office, or the pickup agent.

With FedEx Home Delivery, the company ensures your packages are re-delivered across 50 states even on the weekends, that is on any given Saturday or Sunday, FedEx agents will get the package to your doorstep! Furthermore, the sender can even book a package to be delivered on a specific day of the week including any Saturday or Sunday, by booking their parcel through FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery®!

No matter when you send it, you can pre-decide the date on which you want the package to be delivered to the recipient’s location! Just remember that the delivery date cannot be before the minimum expected delivery date. Also, the pickup and delivery date must not be further apart for more than 10 days of the day the package has been picked up from the sender’s location. Except for Holidays, this service delivers on all days of the week, that is from Monday to Sunday!

When Does FedEx Stop Delivering?

All FedEx services deliver on all weekdays, whilst all the FedEx Home Delivery services extend the pickup and delivery schedule even on weekends. These services are even functional on most U.S. holidays as per their regular schedule. The only exceptions to these schedules are on the holidays of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Only the FedEx Ground services are functional on these holidays when the packages are marked or assigned under critical carrier services. All other services are non-functional on these holidays. Apart from these conditions, most delivery services are scheduled to deliver the goods up until 8 p.m. in the evening!

What Time Does FedEx Deliver To My Zip Code?

The delivery schedules for all types of plans falling under FedEx services offer next-day delivery beginning at 8, 8:30, 9:00, or 9:30 am if assigned under the next business day scheme called FedEx First Overnight® service. Contingent to your specific area or PIN / Zip code, most extended areas or regions are covered for delivery by a maximum of up to 10 am, 11 am, or 2 pm. For a little extra charge, most plans cover delivering on Saturday or Sunday, including pickup, apart from regular Monday–Friday working business days!

Does FedEx Ground Deliver On Saturday?

Originally a Ground Delivery service, the FedEx Delivery caters to providing logistical services for pickup and delivery of packages to Residential areas and customers. It is the only service, which provides delivery of assigned packages on Saturdays! 

Does FedEx Deliver On Holidays

Apart from the 3 major holidays, namely – Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, all major FedEx Pickup and Delivery Services are functional on most U.S. listed holidays, including Saturdays and Sundays! FedEx Ground Services are the only services that are operational even on holidays, for only the extremely critical packages that need to be delivered. 

What Time Does FedEx Deliver To My Neighborhood?

Depending on your Region and Area, company agents will ensure delivering your eagerly awaited package well before the day ends on their work clock shift timings! Whoever, there are predefined delivery timelines beyond which deliveries may not be attempted or may not be possible. However, in most cases, the delivery agents’ work shifts extend up to 8 p.m.

Hence, most delivery people will go the extra mile for you, and try to get the parcel to your doorstep even if it means driving a Mile or Two more, or it is 10 minutes after 8 p.m., and your location is. Quite nearby to their last recipient on the delivery list! In all cases, all packages are committed to be delivered within 3 working or business days, since FedEx Deliveries take between 1–5 days normally!

What Time Do UPS And FedEx Stop Delivering?

Speaking of UPS services, their parcel deliveries are attempted anytime between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm, and rarely even later than that for residential customers, or even commercial locations. Their services are operational for pickup and deliveries all through the weekdays, that is from Monday to Friday, between the formerly depicted time period.

As for services, most of their services begin deliveries early at 9 a.m., and ensure that your package is delivered on the designated day of delivery as per the schedule! Moreover, FedEx is the only operating logistical service, that provides deliveries as well as pickups on the weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays! 

Notwithstanding the fact that, since the work hours or operational delivery periods lie between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., FedEx delivery agents might not be able to make any more deliveries after the said time. In such cases, the delivery will be attempted as the first delivery case on the morning of the next business day!

UPS Vs. FedEx – 100 Weight Program In 2022

It can be confusing if you have to make a choice in picking the right courier or logistics service for sending your documents, parcels, or packages to someone or some business! 

It becomes even more so imperative to compare services of leading operators with more competitive pricing or special delivery services are available! 

As of today, both UPS and the company trying to improvise or increase the efficiency of their operations, with multiple aims such as decreasing the environmental impact of using roadways delivery vehicles, as well as decreasing the cost of shipments for each customer.

Along with this, they are also trying at minimizing the number of vehicles or stops per vehicle it takes to deliver a certain number of packages in the same locality. This way, there is a greater reduction in time, effort, money, and fuel in managing these operations. Which in turn, will become more productive and increase efficiency, as well as decrease costs to customers and save the environment!

The “100-Weight Program” of UPS and FedEx enumerates a typical load scenario, encouraging customers to make shipments of greater size by volumetric values, or through weight capacities. This way, customers who have repeat business with the same recipients or in turn their customers, will bundle or package multiple packages or shipments, which individually might not be weighing in at 100 pounds, but when added up can weigh close to that value! 

This in turn helps both the sender and recipient, as well as the delivery operator in making one single delivery in the same amount of time, for the same sender and recipient, at a highly economical and environment-friendly manner! Thus, the “100-Weight Program” is designed with slabs of weights for packages, with greater discounts per package. This in turn helps the sender in saving significantly, as against is they were sending individual packages frequently to the same recipients’ destinations! 

How Late Does FedEx Deliver Packages In 2022?

To begin with, through all the courier services, the latest they can deliver any package is within 3 days of pickup or handing over your package to any person at the FedEx facility. The delivery time would be no later than 8 p.m. on any given day, including the weekends at Saturday and Sunday, if you have booked or sent a parcel through Ground services, especially under the Home Delivery option!

What Does FedEx Mean By End Of Day?

Most of the time, the End of the Day usually means the common working hours of businesses during the daytime under normal shift conditions. Concurrently, the usual time ranges between 9 a.m. to 5 or a maximum of 6 p.m.! However, with delivery services, End of Day means the last shift working time or hour as per the service you have selected to deliver your package. For instance, Home Delivery has delivery agents posted on road to deliver your goods up until the last minute up to 8 p.m.!

Certain areas or regions might have specific working time periods. Such as Zone 1 packages might have End of Day time up to only 7 p.m.! In this case, your package will be attempted to be delivered at or before 7 p.m. In case, this doesn’t happen, your package will be enlisted for primary delivery slots from the beginning of the next working day for FedEx deliveries!

How Long Does FedEx Take To Deliver?

As per most business services, it also operates on regular timelines during the weekdays. Its usual working hours lie between morning 9 a.m. to evening 8 p.m.! For most pickups and deliveries, agents attempt scheduled pickups and deliveries between this period on a daily basis! Moreover, works on weekends too! Seemingly, it is a leading logistical operator, that has assured delivery services that commit to even delivering your packages on the weekends! However, as with all logistical services, there are bare minimum conditions for managing this process.

Therefore, FedEx Ground delivers your documents, packages, or parcels, within One to Seven working business days, depending on the package to be delivered, the distance between the sender and recipient, and the mode of service through which the sender has booked for the package to be delivered.

Across the contiguous United States, the company has scheduled timelines of delivery within One to Five working business days! For special cases of packages booked for delivery to the regions of Alaska and Hawaii, delivery occurs between three to seven days! For any packages booked for delivery through FedEx Express Freight, most US locations will see them getting delivered between One to Three working business days. High priority service packages called FedEx overnight services are guaranteed delivery timelines of getting the package delivered anytime on the next working business day, in which deliveries may also be attempted on a Saturday!

What’s the difference between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground?

FedEx Ground is an umbrella of services providing delivery services to a whole lot of types of customers. Professionals, businesses, outlets, etc. extending to residential customers, students situated at different locations away from their homes, etc. These are the various type of customers, for which the entire gamut of FedEx Ground services exists! 

Home Delivery is a specific sub-service, which is designed for residential customers who have the need of delivering packages that may be weighing up to or lesser than 150 lbs.! For businesses, ground delivers packages weighing up to or lesser than 150 lbs. only through Monday to Fridays, and does not deliver on weekends! The residential customers have a $4 surcharge for every package if using Home Delivery!

What’s the transit time for shipping within the contiguous U.S.?

For every service booking, delivery is attempted from the next working business day up until the 5th day since the pickup or drop off of the parcel at the nearest FedEx office. This includes Saturday and Sunday for all major United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii! Thus, delivery schedules range from 1 to 5 days of receiving the package in the hands of a FedEx agent.

What’s the transit time for shipping to/from the contiguous U.S. to/from Alaska or Hawaii?

For Alaska or Hawaii, any and all packages booked through any type of FedEx service, the Home Delivery Services delivery period lies between 3 to 7 working business days, if shipping to or from any region or city in the United States!

What’s the FedEx Home Delivery weight limit?

The maximum weight of any package booked for delivery through the Home Delivery services can include any items weighing up to 150 lbs. Moreover, the package dimensions must lie within the range of 108″ in Length, and 165″ in Width plus Girth (L+2W+2H)!

How long does FedEx Home Delivery take?

Home Delivery services are operational 7 days a week for delivering packages to residential customers. However, transit time might take anywhere between 1 day to a maximum of 5 days, depending on the region, and the distance between the sender and recipient. For recipients situated in Alaska or Hawaii, it will take a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 7 days for their packages to reach the hands of the recipient!

Can FedEx Home Delivery ship to P.O. boxes?

As per stricter rules and statutory limitations, the company has no provisions for delivering to any P.O. Boxes anywhere across its service operations, as of Today! The best option is to have the package assigned for delivery at the nearest FedEx location as per your location and convenience!