Why should you select the honor x5 as your next phone?

Why should you select the honor x5 as your next phone?

Cheap smartphones with super quality equipment from the UAE have been giving established providers a rough sledding for erstwhile now, and they have got a price decline in the smartphone sphere. They all add a touch of superior feeling with their prime cases and quick SoCs, and all the same, they toll a fraction of rival phones.

Honor directly launches the honor x5 on the marketplace. It is a 5.5-inch device from the average range priced at honor x5 UAE AED 268 that as well boasts a metallic case and fingerprint scanner. It is conceivable to inset SIM cards in either small or nano format in the smartphone and, if wanted, both as well as dual-SIM.  Here are the features of honor x5 that makes you buy as your next phone for sure.


Honor x5 does not appear actually special from the face. The screen display is bordered white, black or gold. Even so, the user ascertains graceful metal that is touched on the back and dull on the sides while dealing with the smartphone’s sides or back. The design somewhat resembles one of the rival phones in the market aside from the photographic camera and fingerprint scanner. Both bear fat edges, and the rear is plain all the same with fashionable looks.

Honor x5 is beautiful to keep with a weight unit of 158 gms, which does not catch too heavy. The device experiences slip-proof, and at that place are not a lot of risks that it will slide out of hand.


Honor x5 is progressive with 16 GB of internal memory and a micro-SD slot. A lot of equally priced comparison phones still just have 8 GB of memory. The USB interface is not a Type-C pattern and shifts data in the USB 2.0 standard. In that respect, there is no support for shifting picture data, and though USB OTG is present, the characteristic cannot be utilized in the phone’s factory state. 


Honor x5 could almost clear as a phablet with a display screen diagonal of 5.5 ins. The display screen has a Full HD resolution, and its breeding appears bright and good subjectively. In point of fact, we can affirm the high brightness level with our instrument: a fair of 521.1 cd/m² is the most eminent rate far and away in the comparison field. 


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 616 MSM8939v2 is a quick mid-range SoC that supplies 8 cores in 2 clusters. The 1st is built for performance-forced applications and clocks at adequate to 1.7 GHz. The 2nd is a lot of energy underspent; its clock speed of 1.2 GHz is all the same fast sufficient for more introductory tasks. The Adreno 405 graphics solution is amalgamated. It is as well a mid-range model and had better be adequate for most games. 

Final thoughts:

Honor has, as a matter of fact, compiled a nice package. A superior device bound up in a stylish shell, and all that at a bang-up price. The software system is fashionable and virtual, the cameras shoot modest pictures, and a full-sized 24-month guarantee is as well included in the box.

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