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Ruba Ali : The Fitness Icon with Determined Soul

Of all Zodiac Signs, Leos born in the month of August, are known for their headstrong nature, their ferocity, and their dedication to achieving their life aims and goals! One such super-athlete is Ruba Ali! An Arabic-American, born in the United States of America in Los Angeles, California, Ruba Ali’s Birthday falls on August 22 of 1995.

Ruba Ali garnered fame through her dedication to achieving a highly fit body, and an intensely active Instagram page with countless followers! Her claim to fame began with her personal content including photos and videos of her activewear, workout, and daily activities posted online in real-time! Her Insta handle is, @realrubaali. As of today, she has over 1.5 million people following her on Instagram! check ruba ali biography

Now 26 years old, Ruba Ali’s fitness career began her with a deep interest in health and fitness, including intense workouts, physical training, and study of human physiology at the Montclaire State University. Widely popular movie star, Tobin Bell, was also her classmate during her study at the University! Tobin Bell is known for his role as the Jigsaw in the intensely popular movie franchisee, Saw! In her final year, She acquired a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education, after which she began her self-determined course and approach to acquiring a physically fit body!

An outright ravishing woman in the world of fitness, Ruba Ali has been, and is one of the most influential athletes for the millennial generation, following her debut on the quite popular Instagram platform! Her fame also garnered her sponsorship from Gymshark, which is a popular brand of sports apparel and accessories, and Womensbest, a brand for high-quality sportswear and premium sports nutrition supplies! Most of her Insta posts often depict her in attires from either of the brands!

Her source of inspiration stemmed from the insane dedication and routine of her elder, twin sister, Heba Ali from a very young age! Called the real Wonder Woman, Heba Ali, is christened as one of the leading athletic trainers in the world of physiological fitness and training! At 15 years old, a very young Ruba Ali age, started her journey of physical workouts on a daily basis under the guidance of her elder sister, Heba.

Being Jordanian descendants, (which is original, Ruba Ali’s country of origin) both the sisters firmly believe that fitness doesn’t simply and only bring about a physiological change in one’s body; it rather alters and evolves the character of the person within the body, bringing about an all-encompassed, positive influence in the person!

Her elder sister, Heba Ali conducts classes, workshops, and online tutorials as well as offline courses for her followers of physical fitness! Her course includes hybrid training, heavy barbell lifts, isolation exercises, mobility, and balance drills, and speed drills, to name a few of her many methods!  She personally prefers deadlifts, sprints, and power cleans as her favorite exercises.

Heba Ali resides in New Jersey, USA as of today. Born in a family fond and professionals in sports, Heba Ali and Ruba Ali already had the roots for leading an active, sporty, and intense physically fit lifestyle! In today’s world of social media, Heba Ali has maintained silence about ever mentioning anybody from her family, including anything about Ruba Ali!

Ruba Ali fitness routines are designed with several targets and methods in preparation of the body in achieving complete fitness. Beginning with shedding weight, building muscle, and along with developing strength all across the body, Ruba Ali’s courses are an All-In-One package for a complete physical fitness achiever!  Ruba Ali’s favorite hobbies include reading, photography, learning, traveling, and internet surfing, apart from making inspirational photos and videos of workout sessions, when she has free time!

The Reasons Behind Ruba Ali’s Growing Number Followers.

Ruba Ali believes, her Instagram approach and fitness routines have been the foundation of inspiration for scores of women, as well as men around the world! She dictates that the only way to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle is to work on your body’s fitness daily to achieve it! She believes, The only competition anyone must-have is with one’s own self.

Beat your past self to emerge a newly, upgraded, enhanced version of yourself! To achieve that, one has to go through the burning embers of discipline, resolution, and undertaking to the set fitness goals! At a very young age during childhood, she faced her own failure during a school sporting event.

This drove Ruba Ali into an irreversible decision of never again having to fail in Life, no matter what the circumstances or the challenges she would be facing! She despises the facts of the current scenario where many young girls, women, and ladies are starving themselves in the name of acquiring a physically fit body. When according to her methodology, becoming anorexic and physically thin, is definitely no way to emerging beautiful and actually being in any manner physically healthy! Her plans and courses are with personalized special recipes and meal timings, to uniquely designed fitness and training routines at home as well as some which necessitate the use of gyms.

She also has created and released her own software application, for her followers and all of her clientele, who are seeking ideal fitness and physical and emotional happiness within their lives! Ruba Ali also posts training videos on her Ruba Ali YouTube channel, where she broadcasts several of her training sessions and methods!

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