SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Zodiac

SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Birthday, zodiac

SSSniperwolf, a highly renowned and talented British YouTuber, has experienced tremendous success and built a substantial net worth as of 2023. Her estimated net worth currently stands at an impressive $72 million. SSSniperwolf has garnered widespread fame and recognition in the world of celebrities. Let us explore the details of her journey and explore the various factors that have contributed to her remarkable wealth.

As a young British girl, SSSniperwolf has captivated audiences with her exceptional skills and captivating content. Her rise to prominence can be largely attributed to her YouTube channel, where she initially gained traction by regularly uploading gaming videos. This consistent effort and the quality of her content resonated with viewers, resulting in a substantial and dedicated fanbase. As a result, her videos consistently attract millions of daily viewers, propelling her to the pinnacle of success as one of the richest YouTubers.

SSSniperwolf Wiki, Bio

Name Alia Shelesh
Known as SSSniperwolf
Birth Date (Birthday) 22nd October 1992
Birth Place Liverpool, United Kingdom
Career YouTuber, Vlogger
Gender Female
Age 30 years
Birth Sign (zodiac) Libra
Nationality British
Height 5 feet 4 inches

SSSniperwolf Early Life, Nationality, Age

Alia Marie Shelesh popularly known as SSSniperwolf came into the world on 22nd October 1992 in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. She is 30 years of age as of 2023. She was raised happily by her parents in her childhood in Liverpool and then shifted to America when was just 6. She is currently leading her lavish lifestyle in the United States. She is a well-known Gamer and has British American nationality.

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023

The primary source of SSSniperwolf net worth stems from her YouTube channel. The platform offers various revenue streams, including advertisements and brand sponsorships, allowing her to monetize her content effectively. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with different brands, she has further enhanced her earnings potential. These additional income streams, combined with the tremendous success of her YouTube channel, have contributed significantly to her impressive net worth.

It is worth mentioning that SSSniperwolf net worth of $72 million, as estimated in January 2023, is indeed substantial and a testament to her extraordinary achievements. This considerable wealth has provided her with financial stability and the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. she is grateful for her accomplishments and the support of her loyal fanbase, and she continues to enjoy the fruits of her hard work and success.

SSSniperwolf is speculated to have a net worth of $72 million as of 2023.

Source of Income YouTube
Daily Income $130k
Monthly Income $1-2 million
Annual Income $14 million
Income from advertisements $10 million
Previous Net worth $50 million
Current Net worth $72 million

SSSniperwolf Career | Professional Life

SSSniperwolf, also known as Alia, is a popular YouTube gamer who started her channel on January 23, 2013. With over 31 million subscribers, she has gained a massive following and is considered one of the most viewed women on YouTube. Her success as a gamer is evident from her live streams on Twitch, which has further solidified her reputation and credibility in the gaming community. Her popularity is truly astounding, as she has amassed more than 5 million followers on Instagram.

Building on the immense success of her main channel, SSSniperwolf expanded her content by starting another YouTube channel called “Little lia.” On this channel, she shares DIY projects, prank videos, and other fun activities, and it has also gained significant traction and success.

SSSniperwolf’s journey to success began during her student days when she used to buy inexpensive clothes and sell them to other girls. However, she eventually found her passion for creating YouTube content and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly. As her YouTube channel gained momentum, she made the decision to prioritize her gaming and content creation over her studies, dedicating all her time to playing games and producing videos.

SSSniperwolf’s gaming content primarily revolves around popular games such as Fortnite, Destiny, Far Cry, and Call of Duty. Her talent and dedication were recognized when she won an award at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, further solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the gaming industry.

YouTube channel statistics

YouTube account @SSSniperWolf
Subscribers 33.7 million
Views 23,509,869,010 views

SSSniperwolf Family, Personal Life, Boyfriend, Marriage

Alia Shelesh was born to his parents in Liverpool and shares a great bond of love with them. She has two sibling brothers Paul and Bakir, and a sibling sister Ranya Shelesh. She achieved success in her professional life pertaining to the constant support from her parents. She gained motivation and courage from her parents as his father favored her to pursue her gaming career.

SSSniperwolf is a beautiful lady and is obvious to be in a romantic relationship. She was rumored to be in a relationship with her fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage since long. There was no surety about their relationship and one fine day SSSniperwolf commented in a video that we were not together.

Despite being in a relationship for a few months, Alia and her partner broke up in November 2015, only to reconcile a month later and then break up again in September 2016. Since ending things with Sausage, she has not displayed any interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with another boyfriend.

Despite approaching 30 years old, Alia remains single, leaving her fans eagerly anticipating the identity of her future spouse. Alia’s popularity and the curiosity surrounding her personal life continue to grow, as she continues to create intriguing stories at a remarkably young age.

SSSniperwolf Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

SSSniperwolf stands tall at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 52 kg which makes her appearance bold and stunning. She is a very beautiful lady with an attractive body shape. She has maintained her body figure with her expertise in Hoola hoops and her balanced diet with a regular workout routine. She has an amazing presence on social media and is a true YouTube star.

SSSniperwolf Lifestyle | Love for pets

Alia is leading an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. She has a deep passion for cars and frequently purchases the latest Mercedes models, indulging in her love for automobiles while captivating her fans. In one notable video, she set herself a challenge, boldly claiming that she would buy anything she touched.

The surprising twist came when she visited a Mercedes store at the end of the video and touched a G63 AMG, an opulent vehicle favored by the wealthy. True to her word, she did not retract her statement and proceeded to purchase the extravagant jeep for a staggering sum of $180,000.

Aside from her car collection, Alia has a profound affection for pets, and she often features them in her videos. Her beloved dogs, Tuna and Kuz, hold special places in her heart. Furthermore, it would be remiss not to mention her collection of luxurious belts and sunglasses from renowned brands such as GUCCI and Balenciaga, exemplifying her affinity for high-end fashion accessories.


What is SSSniperwolf real name?

  • Her original name is Alia Shelesh.

How old is SSSniperWolf?

  • She is 30 years of age born on 22nd October 1992.

Where is SSSniperwolf merch available?

  • Her collection is available to purchase on sssniperwolfmerch. store.

What is SSSniperWolf’s most famous video?

  • Her video Touch My Body Challenge received over 100 million views.

Where is SSSniperworlf from?

  • She hails from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.
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