7 Reasons Why It’s the Right Time to Purchase an LED TV in India?

LED TV in India

Technology is evolving at a faster pace. It is evident if you closely inspect the market of TV and computer. If you keep a tab on what is happening in the tech world, you may know that LED TVs outsmart LCD variants in several categories. But not all are techies or tech-crazies. For a large pool of Indians, it is still not clear why LED televisions are a better choice than LCD models. 

What is an LCD?

Before you plunge into the discussion on LEDs, it’s important to know about LCDs. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The technology blocks the light instead of emitting the same. 

What is LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Every time electricity passes through the semiconductor, it emits light. 

LCD and LED are two different technologies employed to perform the same function – visual projection on the screen. Each of these technologies responds to video and projections but in different ways. LEDs are more advanced than LCD. If you are buying a panasonic tv go with an LED version to enjoy a far better and clearer picture with precise detailing and a wider gamut of colours. 

When it comes to comparison between LCD and LED, there are more to the only advantage of improved picture quality. This article explains why an LED television is spiking in popularity in India. 


Design matters! A slim screen fuels buyers’ fantasies and catches their attention. An LED TV uses improved technology. That is why it flaunts off a slim screen. Unlike LCD TVs, the LED televisions do not use two-layer display technology. They don’t have a cumbersome make. A slim screen with sharp edges looks elegant and glamourizes your living space. 


Do you live in a tight space? Or do you live in a spacious apartment? Space does not matter if you are buying an LED television. You will always find a choice to fit any space. LED TVs are versatile avatars, coming in a wider range of sizes to fit any space. 


LED models are far ahead of their LCD predecessors on the scale of brightness. The LED variants use an individual backlighting and dimming system. That is why, visual outputs are closer to lifelike pictures – more defined and detailed. 


LED technology also differs from LCD technology on the front of backlighting. In led tv backlight streaming takes place in two ways. Whereas LCD televisions use CCFL for backlight, LED versions employ ‘light guides’ for picture projection on the screen. For example, some of the leading TV brands are now using edge lighting in conjunction with local dimming technology for brighter and more realistic visuals. 

Viewing Angles

It’s not that LCD TVs don’t project clear pictures. But beyond a certain angle (165 degrees), pictures look distorted. LED technology is superior to LCD technology. Regardless of viewing angles, LED televisions ensure no distortion of images and a uniform viewing experience from all positions. 

Contrast & Colours

LED TVs use dynamic contrast mechanisms and superlative black levels, resulting in more defined colour precision. 

Energy Efficiency 

LED televisions consume little energy to perform as these employ LED for light emission. When compared to LCD TVs, LED televisions offer a 30% energy efficiency advantage – another reason why buyers are now switching to an LED variant for a new purchase. 

LED TVs are more expensive than LCD avatars. You need to cough out at least Rs 10, 000 to buy an LED model. Depending on the screen size and technology embedded, the price will go up. For example, smart TVs come at higher prices. However, with several competitors vying for the lion’s share of total sales in the Indian market, LED TVs are more affordable these days. Definitely good news for the buyers, what do you say? 

Future of LED Televisions

Technology is evolving with every passing day. The premier brands are making the most of the evolving technology. LED has been ruling the TV landscape for a few years. However, the scenario is changing due to OLED technology. It is a superior version of LED. A few leading companies have already launched OLED TVs. LEDs are to rule the market for many years to come, though the emergence of another superior technology is just a matter of time.  

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