Lisa Sparks Life Story of Sleeping with 919 Men in One Day & ordering McDonald’s

Lisa Sparks Life Story of sleeping with 919 Men in One Day, ordering McDonald’s

The title of the content might have created an interest in you to get more information about the event, correct? Indeed, it is a fascinating life story event that will share a tinge of laughter on your face. The sources suggest that Lisa Sparks was in competition with two other women on that particular day. At the time when the whistle voice was heard, she was ahead to have slept with 21 more men than her rival. Let us have a look at this exciting incident that shook the people!

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Lisa Sparks, popularly known as Lisa Sparxxx in the entertainment industry, hails from the United States. She managed to achieve the bizarre feat in a record time of just 7.5 hours. She became the record holder by setting this intriguing record on 16th October 2004, in Warsaw, Poland. She achieved this world record of sleeping with 919 men after breaking the previous record of 759 men! You may be shocked, but indeed it is really shocking and out of imagination!

As per the data provided by the director of the world record event, she slept for an average of 45 seconds with an individual, meaning that the other man would sleep with her for another 45 seconds and do a similar thing to the prior one. Moreover, she confessed to having enjoyed the entire incident before it started to pain and it continued to last for about a week.

More things to know about Lisa Sparks’ Intriguing world record Incident

The title of the content itself is such that the readers might surely hook up on this article to get detailed information about the topic. This article will provide you with the interesting details of the actress who created a world record in the entertainment industry. In recent times, the star made a confession in an interview with Daily Star about her experience during the incident.

She stated that the men were cooperative with her and departed when their time came up as there was a presence of flutters in the event. Moreover, she was in competition with two other women on that particular day to set up a world record, and by the time the whistle was heard for the final instance, she was ahead by her rival by 21 men as she slept with 919 men. She is the new record holder beating the previous record holder who slept with 759 guys in the Annual World Gangbang Championship held back in 2003. Indeed, the prior record holder was no match to Lisa.

How did the people react to this unusual incident?

It is definitely a challenging task to set up a world record to sleep with 919 men in a time period of just 7.5 hours competing with two other women on the same day. Lisa Sparks was successful in achieving this landmark! The question then arises whether is even legal to conduct such a record? As per the statement from Lisa, it was revealed that the Polish government was not impressed by this act of Lisa when they got to know about the incident from their sources. They even alarmed them by arresting all individuals who will provide their presence at the event, and hence the event was shifted to a private warehouse.

Lisa claimed that after a particular time, she started to get bored and had to order from McDonald’s, and she was pretty honest to confess that she had regret to have done such a hilarious thing in her 21+ years in the entertainment industry.

Final Words for Lisa Sparks Life Story of Sleeping with 919

You might indeed be aware of Lisa Sparks now after going through this article. People are known to have set world records in different activities, but it was a mere shock to hear about the world record of sleeping with most men in 24 hrs, and this makes Lisa Sparks stand out from others.

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