Highest and Longest Cable Cars (Gondolas) in the World

The adventurous folks love to reach the mountains with their own scaling ability, but most people indeed require a helping hand to witness nature’s beauty. A big thanks to the latest technology, such as cable cars and gondolas, that avail you to experience the most thrilling aerial rides through nature’s adventure to reach the high mountain ranges without any requirement of trekking. Let it be Trams, cable cars, or gondolas- all have their own charm and technology that can help you reach the skies with a heart-throbbing experience.

Read About the Top 6 Highest and Longest Cable Car

  1. Titlis Rotair- Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Titlis Rotair- Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Enjoy the thrilling ride in the world’s 1st rotating gondola in Titlis Rotair Cable Car that scales through the snow-clad mountain range of Titlis. The 1st ever rotating gondola avails transportation between the Stand-up middle station to the Summit station situated at 10000ft above sea level. The highest and longest cable car in Europe gives you 360 views in its 5-minute thrill ride through steep rock faces, snow-clad mountain peaks, and deep crevasses.

Titlis Rotair, Mount Titlis, Switzerland: +41 41 639 5050

  1. Aiguille du Midi- Chamonix, France

Aiguille du Midi- Chamonix, France

Experience the world’s highest vertical-ascent gondola that rides from 1030mt in Chamonix, France, and moves to the upper region of Aiguille du Midi at 3842mt as you witness the wonders of Mount Blanc. It originated in 1955 and has a travel time of around 20 minutes that involves two sections in the journey. The latter part is much more intense as it covers a stretch of 1.78 miles without any support section as the gondola climbs through stupendous frozen rocks, fading away Chamonix as it reaches height. It is one of the top 10 longest cable cars in the world.

  1. Peak2Peak Gondola – Whistler, Canada

Peak2Peak Gondola – Whistler, Canada

The only gondola in the world to establish the connection between two mountain peaks covering a distance of 4.4 km. It is the world record cable car with the longest free span of 3.3kms between the two holding towers and is the situated at 436mts above the ground. The Red Bull athletes base-jumped from the middle of the gondola ride in the opening ceremony held in 2008. One more incident happened in 2016, where an athlete attempted to jump from the middle illegally and was fined a hefty $10000 for the damages incurred by this act.

Peak2Peak Gondola, Whistler, Canada: +1 800 766 0449

  1. Gulmarg Gondola – J&K, India

Gulmarg Gondola – J&K, India

The second longest cable car in the world, Gulmarg Gondola, takes you on a breathtaking ride in the world’s most beautiful scenic region Kashmir-heaven on Earth. It is the highest and longest cable car in Asia. The Gulmarg Gondola in Jammu-Kashmir is a popular attraction for the ski lovers, and also thousands of tourists are willing to explore nature’s paradise. It has 2 phases. Where the 1st phase takes the visitors from the Gulmarg town Gondola station to Kungdoor station, providing a prolific scenic view of the paradise.

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The Phase-2 is a 10-minute ride from Kungdoor to Apharwat peak and takes to 4200mt height. It has a travel capacity of around 600 visitors per hour. The project resulted with a combined effort of the J&K government and Poma, a French company leader in the manufacturing of cable cars globally. The project work started in 1987 but made its way for visitors in 1998, whereas the Pahse-2 work was achieved in just 2 years and was made open to tourists in 2005. It is the second highest and longest cable car in the world.

Gulmarg Gondola, Gulmarg, J&K, India: +91 9650226555

  1. Ba Na Hills Cable Car- Da Nang, Vietnam

Ba Na Hills Cable Car- Da Nang, Vietnam

The Ba Na Hills cable car is one of the most impressive of its kind holding 4 Guinness World Records with its exciting ride that embarks over the deep jungles of Ba Na Mountain in accordance with the scenic views of Da Nang city. It is built meeting up the European standards adapting the Austrian technology with the equipment purchased from Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. The fantastic cable car in Asia was made open to the public on 29th March 2013.

It is the only cable car with 4 Guinness World Records of the longest cable in the world, a huge cable roll of 141 tons, the longest cable stretch of 11587mt, and the highest altitude difference of 1369mt ranging from the departure station to the destination station. It avails to choose from the 86 world-class cable car cabins that are either enclosed, glass-encased, or open-to-air, which have a capacity of 10 tourists and travels at a high speed of 19 ft/s as it connects the resort hills of Vietnam.

  1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – California, United States

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – California, United States

The work commenced in 1960 with the help of the helicopters to put the parts in place and was made open to the visitors in 1963. It offers the connection between the Coachella Valley and the highest point of Mt. San Jacinto with its interesting rotating concept. It is amongst the best rotating cable cars over the globe, alongside Table Mountain in South Africa and the magical Titlis Rotair of Switzerland. The tram project was initially suggested to incorporate in 1935 in the Palm Spring in California in the United States, but it was obstructed by the occurrence of the Korean War and World War II.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs, California, United States: +1 760 325 1449

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