Laurie, OnlyFans model, created a quiz for fans to win a date with her.

Laurie, OnlyFans model, created a quiz for fans to win a date with her.

A unique and rather unusual approach to dating has made headlines on social media. OnlyFans model Laurie has given her followers a chance to win a date with her by taking a giant quiz. The quiz, accessible via a link in her tweet, is similar to Tinder but gives viewers an opportunity to date her.

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Laurie explained that she had struggled to find an ideal partner and decided to create the quiz to find her perfect match. She is looking for someone with a normal demeanor, as she had grown up as a shy student and has had little success with dating. Laurie also mentioned that she avoids replying to messages on Instagram and receives the same messages on Tinder as well.

To be in with a chance of dating Laurie, men need to answer a range of questions, including what the best body count for a girl is, who should pay on the first date, who should say “I love you” first, and what extreme sports they want to play with her. She will then read all the answers and make a list of potential matches. If one of her choices matches with a contestant, she will inform them of the next step.

Laurie, OnlyFans model, created a quiz for fans to win a date with her.
An OnlyFans model from France made a quiz for her fans to have a chance to win a date with her.

This isn’t the first time that Laurie has caused a stir on social media. She has previously allowed her followers to make decisions for her by posting polls online and abiding by the wishes of the majority. She was even asked to leave her now ex-boyfriend, whom she deemed toxic, and she agreed to do so.

In a recent interview, Laurie thanked her followers for motivating her to make important decisions in her life, such as leaving her ex-boyfriend and conquering her fear of heights by flying in a helicopter. She plans to use 25% of her profits to advocate for anti-bullying and combating loneliness in schools.

Laurie’s approach to dating has certainly caused a buzz on social media. While some may find it strange or bizarre, it’s clear that she is dedicated to finding her perfect match and using her platform for good causes. Whether you think it’s a fun and unique way to date or not, it’s hard to deny that Laurie has created an interesting conversation and sparked curiosity among her followers.

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