It’s a prank, so don’t search for “Space Movie 1992” on Google.

Why Don't Google Space Movie 1992

Have you heard of the Space movie 1992? The movie is named Gayniggers from Outer Space, and its genre is Blaxploitation. It is a short movie made as a spoof of the different Space movies released in Hollywood at that particular time. The people have started to search for the film as some Redditors asked them to not Google for “Space movie 1992”. It was a gimmick to confuse the people and search for the film. The search is now trending on the internet and is popular on Reddit.

The movie Gayniggers from Outer Space revolves around the extra-terrestrial objects that are willing to give freedom to the women-dominated men on the planet Earth. They intend to build up a new society for the homose8uals. Hence, the film consists of comedy factor and has sci-fi and gay genre. Further details about the “Space Movie 1992” are provided in the content related to the question What Space Movie came out in 1992?

What Outer Space Movie came out in 1992?

The space movie that came out in 1992, Gayniggers from Outer Space, is an off-beat movie filmed under the direction of visionary Danish artist Morten Lindberg. The movie is a sci-fi parody made as a short film of Blaxploitation type. The movie presents an interesting plot in which the Intergalactic men of the black race that reside on the planet Anus discover that the women reside on planet Earth. Further, they try out their best to eliminate the women’s race through their exclusive rayguns. With this act, the men living on Earth feel very thankful to the black men.

In the space movie from 1992, the extra-terrestrial living bodies make their gay ambassador stay back on Earth to inculcate the men with new philosophies and different ways to live. The movie commences with a black and white frame but further changes to color in similarity to the Wizard of OZ movie. In the space movie 1992, the director of the movie Morten Lindberg stated that he added the funny element in the movie to create more drama with the world getting free from the dominating women.

Space Movie 1992 Trailer

What was the response of the audience towards the film?

The movie falls under the gay category, and the majority of the white nerds loved the movie with their support of the Blaxploitation concept. Moreover, the movie became a tool for campaigning by the meme section of the web known as the Gay Nigger Association of America in 2000. However, the question has been raised by most Reddit users if the movie is just a parody or intended as a bigoted or homophobic thought process.

Since the year 2020, people have begun to talk about the various aspects of the movie. Many memes and trolls have spread on social media related to the film. The topic is trending on social media Twitter as well. The popular co-host of the Joe Rogan Experience, Brian, posted a tweet, “Don’t Google Space Movie 1992”. With this act, he also joined the league of tricking Space Movies in 1992. The Space Movie 1992 cast involves Coco Dalbert, Konrad Fields, and Sammy Saloman. Tony Thomas is the white gay ambassador, whereas Johnny Conny is the black gay ambassador.

What is the controversy of the Gayniggers from Outer Space?

The film has achieved success in entertaining people with the jokes in the movie, but most people have provided negative feedback for it. The people believe that the movie has an intent to make fun of the homose8ual community. Moreover, there is too much fizzy content used to suppress the women in the film. The extra-terrestrials portray the character of the black men that created the controversy of racism. All such topics got trending on various social media platforms.

Hence, with all such controversies, the movie has gained the attention of many. With the trend to not search for the What Space movie coming out in 1992 on Google, people get more inquisitive about the film, and has got into the limelight. People have reviewed the movie to be racist. Initially, the gimmick on Reddit started as a fun, then it has spread on social media all across the globe and is now on the top position in the suggestions list of Google.

The people have not been able to identify the intentions of the film and are in doubt whether the movie is actually a parody or not! The movie is full of homose8ual and racist comments, and Twitter users have mixed approaches to the film with the analysis of the plot of the film.

Final Words

The Space Movie 1992 is a Danish English sci-fi film that did not have any effect on the viewers when it premiered back in 1992. Today, with a trick to not google it, it has created a lot of controversies and is a prime topic to discuss with people. It has directed people to think about the issue of racism and homophobia.