How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for Long: 5 Easy Techniques

How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for Long: 5 Easy Techniques

A flower bouquet can bring warmth, freshness, and positivity to any room. However, it is also true that the flower arrangement you get from a florist or you make using flowers from your garden doesn’t last long. As there are no roots to sustain them, it is easy for them to dry out and die.

After purchasing the beautiful roses or lilies with carnations, we usually keep them in a vase or salted water. Yet, they wilt after some time, and seeing them die is a sad affair. But not to worry, because we share a few tips to ensure your flowers last a little longer. These tips are from an expert florist; if you follow them, your personal space will enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers for at least five to six days.

Tip 1: Get rid of the stems before placing them in the water

When you buy flowers or use the one from your garden to put in your house, cut the stems. Always do this before you put them in warm salted water. It will allow the flowers to stay fresh for a few more days. The arrangement you get from a professional florist already has cut stems. Yet, it should keep clipping the stems after two days of getting them to keep the flowers fresh.

Another thing is to replace the water after a day or two as it allows them to stay fresher. To cut the stems, use a pruning shear or sharp scissors and cut them at a 45-degree angle.

Tip 2: Wash your vase carefully and thoroughly

Unless you buy fresh flowers every day to keep in your house, your vase would be dirty. If you get flowers or buy them after every few days, clean out the vase thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt inside the vase. The trick to washing the vase includes running it with hot or warm water while using bleach. However, do not use a towel to dry out the vase because that can leave some bacteria in the vase. Instead, let it air-dry, which is the best way to ensure your vase is clean and dry.

Tip 3: Get preserved roses

Another way to ensure your flowers stay fresh for a long time is to buy preserved roses in a box. A professional florist uses a technique that preserves roses for a long time, likely two to three years. Moreover, you can get them in a bouquet or box form. They are perfect for gifting or placing in your living room. They are full of fragrance and brighten up the place. 

These are fresh roses only and eliminate the need for buying roses every few days or working extra to keep them fresh for long.

Tip 4: Remove or cut extra leaves

When you put your flowers in a clean vase, you cut the stems. However, it is just as essential to cut the leaves, which are the base of the stems and will go under the water. When you cut these leaves, you are decreasing foliage which helps reduce the count of bacteria in the water. Thus, the water stays clean without any foul odors. The result? The flowers will bloom and stay fresh for a few more days.

Tip 5: Water conditioning is necessary

Tap water is perfect for flowers. You do not need to use filter water. However, using the right amount of water and conditioning them is necessary. Here are some tips as per the stems you have:

Woody stems: If the stems are woody like most roses have, they need more water. Thus, fill up the vase with 2,3rd water.

Softer stems: If the stems are softer like tulips have, they don’t need much water. They prefer shallow water, so only fill the vase halfway around with water.

Don’t put the flowers out soon after filling the vase with water. Let the air bubbles settle and ensure water is at room temperature. After that, you can put the flowers in.

Are there any other tips to make flowers last longer? And have you tried preserved roses in a box for your living room or coffee table? Tell us in the comments below.

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