What is the hype related to Aunt Cass Meme?

What is the hype related to Aunt Cass Meme?

Are you aware of the Caucasian female character who has mesmerizing green eyes and wavy brown hair that is trending in social media! She is the famous Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 that is creating curiosity in people all over the media!

There is no worries as the article will share the details about the meme and exactly how the meme was formed, and what the meme really is meant for. Let us understand the derivation of the word meme and how it came into existence?

The pronunciation of the word Meme is not me-me, but it is actually Meem. The word was initially used by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in his book ‘The Selfish Gene. Further, the meme word was derived from the Greek word Mimeme Dawkins. The word meant that the thing which is imitated! Users on various social media platforms are in an obsession with the meme Aunt Cass which is from the animated movie Big Hero 6.

Where is the Aunt Cass Meme from?

As evident, the meme is made on the character Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6. But the question arises who is Aunt Cass? Are you aware of the fact of who Aunt Cass is? Let us discuss the trending fictional character. The character of Aunt Cass is a promising role that shines in the Big Hero 6 Movie franchise. She plays the role of a guardian of all lead characters in the movie Big Hero 6. The two brothers Hiro and Tadashi play the lead role in the animated movie.

The character of Aunt Cass is seen to run a coffee shop and is the owner of a bakery. It is seen in the movie Big Hero 6 that she holds her nephew in the elevated form of the protagonist with her deep care for her nephews. The specialization of her character is that she is always seen with a smile on her face.

Aunt Cass Customized Stickers

Further, to get into detail about Aunt Cass, let us find an excellent way to have fun in life by making Aunt Cass memes and converting them into customized die-cut stickers. They give perfect customized entertaining stickers for laptops, guitars, windows, phone cases, water bottles, refrigerators, journals, and much more. If you own a business or have an organization, the customized stickers of popular memes and the logo of your business would be a great giveaway for advertisement purposes. The stickers can be customized into different shapes with ease.

What is Big Hero 6?

Have you ever heard about the movie Big Hero 6? If you are an animation lover, then Big Hero 6 is a superhero fictional character that is a major part of Marvel Comics. The show is the creation of the famous artist of Man of Action. It is not the fact that Aunt Cass Meme is popular after the animation Big Hero 6, it is not a true thing!

Aunt Cass Meme Reality

The Aunt Cass meme is in trend as the image of the character is photoshopped and is not original. It is fabricated with huge breasts as it gives much more charm and attracts a large audience. On the contrary, in the movie, there is no such look of the character as seen in the photoshopped version, entirely covered with a blouse in the original movie. People got attracted to the seductive character shown in the meme, and hence is trending in social media.

How did Aunt Cass Meme start?

The meme first got into action in 2016 by Deviant Art user Rastifa, as the image got the attention of the users and high communication by the users because of the cleavage of the character, but it was not viral in the media at first. The meme came into action in December 2020 when people started to comment on adult jokes on Reddit with the use of the image. Further, the meme picked up the pace, and now it is totally everywhere in the media. Hence, the busty Aunt Cass meme got viral, and the original character of Big Hero 6 got unusual fame.

However, we are not sure about the exact reviews and comments of the meme. As per the research, most of the users have really enjoyed the meme, which is the prime reason why the meme got viral!

Final Words 

There is no single particular reason behind the popularity of Aunt Cass Meme. The people are not just loving the meme but are also interested in creating more memes on it. It is in total contradiction to the original honest and innocent character of the movie. The meme shows a bold Aunt Cass with big breasts that look too appealing and so may be unethical for the people who are watching Big Hero 6 for the 1st time.

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