How to Register and Login on RBL Bank Credit Card

How to Register and Login on RBL Bank Credit Card

You can use the RBL bank credit card login to check your due amount, pay your credit bill and check the due date. You can visit RBL’s website to download your credit statement through their net banking services. However, you must register before using their net banking services. You can only get the RBL Bank credit card login after registering. 

Registering for net banking facility

If you already have an RBL credit card and a savings account with RBL, then you can link the credit card to your banking profile. You can check your statements and make payments to your credit card through your banking profile. However, if you do not have a savings account with RBL, then you need to do some things to register. 

RBL Bank Credit Card Registration

Follow these below-mentioned steps to register your credit card on RBL’s internet portal to obtain your RBL bank credit card login. 

  • Visit RBL bank’s website.
  • Login and then select ‘personal banking
  • Choose ‘First Time User’ and select the option to ‘Register’
  • There will be a mode of registration; choose the ‘Credit Card’ choice under that list
  • Now you will be asked to enter your credit card number. Enter all 16 digits carefully, along with your CVV number and the credit card’s expiry date. You must be careful while entering these details and double-check them once you are done
  • After filling in all the required information, submit the application
  • An OTP or one-time password will be sent to your mobile number after the submission
  • Submit the OTP on the website
  • You will be asked to choose a security question from a list and then answer the question. Choose a security question and answer that will be easy for you to remember. 
  • Choose security pictures. 
  • Create a strong password as per the provided instructions. 
  • The registration application will be complete after you confirm your password. 
  • You can use this password and ID to log in to your banking profile. 

Benefits and features of the RBL credit card banking facilities

The RBL bank’s banking facilities offer many benefits. Some of those benefits and features have been shared below-

  1. Credit Statement– You can easily access your RBL cashback credit card’s current and past statements. This can help you keep track of your expenditure. 
  2. Easy Access– You can easily access your credit card information and check all the details through the net banking facility. 
  3. Works on Multiple Devices– You can use any device to use the banking facility, such as a PC or a phone, to log in to the RBL credit card profile. 
  4. Easy Payment Facility- You can check your credit card bill on the banking portal and even make seamless and direct payments towards your card.

Log in using your RBL Bank credit card

If you did register on the portal, you can log in using your credit card by following the below-mentioned steps-

  • Visit the website of RBL bank. 
  • Go to the banking portal of the bank through the site. 
  • Select ‘Login’ and then choose ‘Personal banking’
  • Instead of a username, use the 16-digit unique credit number issued to you as your ID.
  • Enter your password, which you may have chosen when you registered on the site, and then log in. 

The RBL bank credit card login lets you access your credit card account and check all the details easily. You can log in easily by using your password and user ID. If you do not have your login credentials and do not want to go through a long process, you can register on Bajaj Finserv’s customer portal for credit cards to obtain your login credentials. Then, you can check your credit card details through your account.