How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202?

The QuickBooks H202 error occurs when trying to enable multi-user mode in QuickBooks. It happens when the connection between the server and the QuickBooks application is blocked. This can prevent you from opening the company file. There can be several reasons behind this error, such as incorrect hosting configuration settings, QuickBooks services (QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor) are not running, damaged network data file (.ND), corrupt company file, etc.  In this article, we will share some effective methods to fix the QuickBooks error code H202. 

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error Code H202

The H202 error in QuickBooks can occur if your Windows host file does not include the server. You can check and edit the Windows host files to add your server. If this does not work, follow the methods discussed below to resolve this H series error in QuickBooks.

Method 1: Restart QuickBooks Services on the Server

You can encounter the QuickBooks error H202 if QuickBooks services are not running on your server system. You can check and restart the QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitorService to troubleshoot the issue. Here are the steps:

  • On your server system, open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R.
  • In the Run window, type services.msc and click OK.

    • In the Services window, find QuickBooksDBXX (XX is the QuickBooks version) and check its status. It should be ‘Running’. If not, then double-click on it.
    • In the Properties window, select the Automatic option for the Startup Type, and then click the Start option.
    • In the same window, click on the Recovery option.
    • Select Restart the Service from the First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

Now, repeat the same steps for restarting QBCFMonitorService.

Method 2: Check Network Connectivity between Server and Workstation

The error code H202 usually occurs when QuickBooks fails to establish network connection between the server and the workstation. You can ping your server from the workstation to check the internet connectivity. To use the ping command, the Network Discovery option should be enabled on your server. Also, you should know your server name. You can use the ipconfig/all command in the CMD window to get the server name. To check the network connection on your workstation, follow these steps:

  • In the Windows search field, type CMD and select Command Prompt.
  • In the Command Prompt window, enter “ping server name” and then hit the Enter key. 

Method 3: Check Hosting Settings

Many users have reported experiencing the H202 error when opening the company file in a multi-user environment. It can occur due to issues with the QuickBooks desktop hosting settings. You can check and enable the Host Multi-User Access option using the below steps:

    • On your server system, open the QuickBooks Desktop application.
    • Click the File menu and then click the Utilities option.
    • Click Host Multi-User Access.
  • The dialog box appears asking you to confirm. Click Yes.

Method 4: Recreate the .ND Files

You can get the QuickBooks error code H202 if the .ND file gets damaged. In such a case, you can recreate the .ND file. Here’s how to do so:

  • Go and find .ND file in the folder where you have saved the company file.
  • Now right-click on the .ND file and then select rename. 
  • Renaming the .ND file will automatically create a new file. 

Method 5: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool

Sometimes, scanning your company file using QuickBooks Database Server Manager can help fix the H series error. Here are the steps to use this tool:

    • Download, install, and open the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
    • In QuickBooks Tool Hub, click Network Issues and then click QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool
    • Click the QuickBooks Database Server Manager option.
  • Wait for the scan to complete. Then, click Close.

Method 6: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to Repair Company File

The QB error code H202 may also occur due to corruption in the QBW file. In such a case, you can use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to repair the company file. Here are the step-wise instructions to use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool:

    • Download and install the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub. Then, launch the tool.
  • In Tool Hub, click Company File Issues.
  • Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor.

Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to Repair Company File

  • In the QuickBooks File Doctor window, click on the affected QBW file.
  • Next, type the QuickBooks Admin credentials and then click Next.
  • Wait till the repair process is complete. 

If the QuickBooks File Doctor tool fails to repair the company file, then you can try an advanced third-party QuickBooks repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for QuickBooks. This tool can easily repair severely corrupted QBW files and recover all the components, including estimates, reports, employees data, and vendors data. This powerful DIY tool can help fix all the errors related to company file corruption. The tool supports the company files of QuickBooks Enterprise solutions, Premier, and Pro editions. 


The error H202 in QuickBooks can occur due to damaged .ND files, issues with the QuickBooks-related services, incorrect server hosting settings, etc. You can follow the methods discussed above to resolve the error. To repair corrupted QBW files, you can use a robust QuickBooks repair tool, like Stellar Repair for QuickBooks. This tool can repair and restore severely corrupted company files in just a few clicks. You can download the free demo version of the tool to preview the recoverable company file data. 

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