Epic vs. Cerner EMR: Demo, Reviews, and More

Epic vs. Cerner EMR: Demo, Reviews, and More

If you think that you have limited choices at hand like old days, you are in the wrong. It is definitely not the case as there is a diverse range of healthcare solutions brought in with the evolution of the medical industry. In one aspect where having a wide variety of EMR solutions at hand assists medical practices, on the other hand, it jumbles up their thoughts. Providers feel like they have reached a dead end as they can’t wrap their minds around any particular software.  

Amidst this citation. We decided to compare two of the best EMR platforms, Epic EMR and Cerner EHR. We thought it would be better to present these solutions in a comparison form rather than penning down two different articles. Because in the end, it all comes down to comparisons. So, in this post, we will cover the demo, pricing, and reviews of Epic EMR and Cerner EHR. 

We rightfully assume that our efforts to help you gather your thoughts to make a productive decision will significantly help you decide which solution to implement. So, let’s uncover the facts about these platforms.  

Cost Structure of Epic and Cerner EHR: 

Epic EMR Cost

Epic EMR is a client-centered solution, and it is evident from its cost structure. Even though the cost structure of Epic EMR is not disclosed publicly, the user’s opinions are enough to understand what lies within. The Epic software goes above and beyond to craft budget-friendly cost plans for its clients. It aims to meet the expectations of all healthcare practices and even covers independent practitioners. Go for the custom quote option to learn the current cost structure of Epic EMR and the support team of the vendor will get back to you in no time.  

Cerner EHR Cost

Like Epic, the pricing plans of Cerner EHR are also not available on the web. You have to send a request to learn its current cost structure. What we know is that the vendor charges a one-time implementation fee and a yearly maintenance cost to all its customers. There’s no word about any long-term commitments, or else the users would have mentioned it. 

We know for sure that it comes within the range of medium to large scale practices as it is typically considered an enterprise-scale solution. In the user’s opinion, Cerner EHR provides clients with well-structured and transparent pricing packages. 

Reviews of Epic and Cerner EHR

Epic EMR Reviews

Epic EMR enjoys considerably good reviews for its services. From the user’s perspective, the MyChart feature of this software is lit. It assists patients in and out with everything from viewing progress notes to looking into the physician’s schedule that no other vendor can. Also, it comes with a secured, reliable, user-friendly, and robust interface and layout. Adding to it, the bill management function of Epic EMR, as per its reviews, is beyond impressive. The vendor helps the practitioner dodge all uncertainties by automating all administrative procedures. However, reviews reveal that Epic EMR still has to work on its support services.  

Cerner EHR Reviews

Reviews show that Cerner EMR is lauded for its innovative clinical functionalities. The users adore the vendor for its intuitive approach to clinical intricacies. Also, they highly value the support services of this vendor as it is pretty responsive and effective. Cerner EHR reviews reveal that the vendor wins on financial grounds by smoothly managing the revenue cycle and bill processing for all clinical practices. Also, it features all the on-demand services and empowers practitioners with state-of-the-art medical services. On the downside, reviews say that the reporting tool of Cerner EHR needs to be improved.  

Epic EMR Demo Vs Cerner EMR Demo

Epic EMR Demo

The demo of Epic EMR is what providers root for. It is literally engaging and compelling that it easily grasps the viewer’s attention. No healthcare offers such an impressive demo facility. Epic EMR includes its central functionalities and goes for its add-on services in the demo. The vendor hires skilled personnel to create a well-organized video where all features are presented in proper order so that providers can easily understand what the software has in store for them. It won’t be an understatement to say that the Epic EMR demo works as a marketing tool that improves the vendor’s client base for real.  

Cerner EHR Demo 

Cerner EHR masters the art of creating a content-rich demo. The platform assures there’s no aspect left untouched in its demonstration tutorial. Cerner EHR’s developing team puts a sheer focus on developing an impressive demo with a detailed overview of its services. It tries to put as much data as it can in this short video to learn what they want. Cerner EHR demo serves as a way for clinical practitioners to evaluate the software in the light of their specified requirements. For scheduling the Cerner EHR demo, you just have to fill in the demo request form, and you are good to go. 


You might wonder why we are summing up this article without discussing the feature range of both these platforms. We know no EMR comparison is complete without discussing the feature range, but we could share this in the limited space we had. Also, you will eventually learn about the specs of both Epic EMR and Cerner in the demo videos. So, why bother writing mere words when you can have a practical insight that is a more effective and informative way to learn about the services of EMR platforms.  

We will end this comparison by saying that the ultimate winner depends on your feature selection and budget range.  Both these solutions excel at what they do. No doubt they have certain drawbacks, but it’s a natural phenomenon as nothing is perfect in this world. We hope you will get to make a meaningful decision by watching the demo of these platforms after reading this detailed guide.