How To Fix A Garage Door That’s Off Track? 

How To Fix A Garage Door That's Off Track? 

Nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with an off-track garage door. This not only causes great inconvenience but also puts your property and your own safety at risk. Fortunately, fixing off-track rollers is not as difficult as it might sound. 

We’ve listed the common reasons why garage door rollers derail, along with 5 easy steps that will help you fix off-track garage doors and, in addition to that, recommendations on where to get garage door repair Williamsburg VA

What Causes A Garage Door To Go Off-Track? 

it tracks are prone to problems for several reasons, and knowing why it keeps arising, again and again, can help you prevent the situation from happening in the future. Generally, a typical it will have 10-12 rollers, and if any of them goes off-track, you can easily spot the problem with a quick visual inspection. However, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to be protected while doing the inspection. 

We’ve listed below some common reasons why most garaged rollers go off-track.

  •    Wrecked Tracks: There are many reasons why your tracks may get damaged over time, it can happen due to an external blunt force of cars backing into tracks that leave the tracks bent or dented. This may put your safety at risk. Hence you must get the tracks fixed as soon as possible. You can use a rubber mallet to remove dents, but for severe damage, consulting an expert would be a better option. 
  •    Not Enough Lubrication: The primary reason why garage door rollers derail is due to the lack of lubrication in tracks and rollers. With frequent use, both the components generate a lot of friction which can lead to wear and tear of them with time. You can avoid this if you lubricate the rollers with lubricants like WD-40 and silicon oil. 
  •    Due To Misaligned Tracks:You can prevent the garage door to come off its tracks by making sure they are properly aligned with track guides. You can fix the misaligned tracks by simply adjusting the tracks as needed and then fastening them suitably. 
  •    Accumulation Of Dirt:Many times the automatic opener gets stuck or jams due to the accumulation of dust and dirt around the rollers. You can fix this problem by maintaining cleanliness around the door, dusting it from time to time, and using a detergent and scrub to clean it. 

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5 Easy Steps To Fix Off-Track Garage Doors

Follow the steps below to get your garage door up and running! 

Step 1: Disconnect The Power Supply

To start with, locate the strings hanging from the console of your garage door that controls the opener. Disconnect them so that you can operate the door manually.

Step 2: Open And Secure The Garage Door

Once the door is entirely released from the opener, lift it until the track is properly aligned with one of the rollers. You can ask someone to help you with this step, also make sure to use a locking plier or vice grip.

Step 3: Align The Wheels With Track

The next step is to open the track with the help of a locking plier and see where the roller has fallen out. Put the roller back carefully and close the opening in the track. At the end, use a mallet to get the track back to its original shape. 

Step 4: Do A Little Inspection 

By this time, you are done with fixing your door rollers. Manually check whether the rollers are operating properly or not and if the door is opening and closing smoothly. If not, repeat the same process until the track is properly aligned. 

Step 5: Test The Automatic Operation

Now that you’re done with manual inspection, the final step is to check the automatic operation. Reconnect the power supply and use the remote control to see if it opens and closes properly.

Some Precautionary Tips

Well, if you don’t want to spend on repair costs then ensure to take care of your garage doors in advance. The best way to do this is to get routine maintenance from professionals, and secure the garage door by doing inspections at regular intervals. Also, make sure to apply some lubricant so the rollers run smoothly. 

How Do I Fix A Rollup Door Off Track?

You can start by removing the track guide off the door and rearranging the door in the track guide properly. You then need to adjust the springs and reattach the track guide with the door frame.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Garage Door Off-track?

Garage door off-track repair cost varies depending on the type of garage door you have. Typically, it can cost you anywhere around $150-$200. 

Get Professional Assistance 

Garage doors are usually very complex and heavy, so the best way to handle any repair related to your garage doors is to consult a nearby garage door professional. They will analyze the situation, break down the problem and suggest, what you need to do to get your garage door running smoothly. Moreover, they will let you know whether your door can be fixed with the normal repair or if it needs to be replaced. If your garage door is off-track in Williamsburg, Virginia, contact Lion Garage Door and pay a visit to the website:

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