Best Jewelry for new generation

Best Jewelry for new generation

Jewelry continues to be an enthralling light in the Covid darkness that has dominated our lives over the past two years. Even though the industry has experienced many challenges because of lockdowns and travel restrictions, many people are turning to jewelry which is a satisfying, forever purchase if there ever was one. Nevertheless, holidays and restaurants remain inaccessible.

The desire for our jewelry to ignite joy is more than ever. Although the trend cycle is moving slower for jewelry than fashion, there’s no doubt about the change toward our need for electronic colors and playfulness. Sophie Quy, executive vice president of Threads Styling, says “dopamine dressing” extends to fine jewelry just as clothing, as customers opt for bold color designs from designers like Anabela Chan Marie Lichtenberg and Savonlinna. Jewelry is always an emotional purchase. However, it appears that we are keener than ever to express what we’re about, using the combination of zodiac signs, birthstones, and initials strewn on our fingers, ears, and necks. Many people are looking for a talisman or something to keep that helps them feel secure during these times of uncertainty. Another element to consider is positive messages. Tanika Wisdom, a buyer at MatchesFashion, believes that “feel-good mantras from the likes of Lauren Rubinski and Rosa de la Cruz” will continue to be a hit with consumers this year.

Dopamine Dressing

The trend of striking, make-you-grin colors remains the rage on jewelry this year. The chains with embellishments are gaining popularity, according to Libby Page, senior market editor at Net-a-Porter as well as brands like Gigi Clozeau Pascale Monvoisin, Brent Neale, and Sydney Evan are getting more inventive by adding pops of color and playing with innovative materials like ceramics, studding links and diamonds and some other stones of a high-quality and if you are intested in such high quality product just click on top suppliers on dhgate.

Mixing Things Up

Are you on the side of gold instead of silver? Minimalism or maximalist? Asymmetry or symmetry? The good thing is that you can do whatever you want in 2022. There are no set rules. Finematter’s Ejdrup states that mixing your metals will trend in 2022, whether as a layering piece or one two-tone piece like in Charlotte Chesnais, Delfina Delettrez, or the ultimate classic of mixed metals Cartier’s Trinity. The page states that 2021’s neck-mash trend will likely continue the “more is more” approach by mixing and mixing the most diverse styles feasible, such as heavy chains and pendants such as Lauren Rubinski and Anita Ko.

The All-Important Statement Piece

Fashion’s influence from the wholesale 70s fashion accessories supplier and 80s (see Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022) is a call to reject delicate, barely-there jewelry in favor of the uncompromisingly striking standout piece. For the Threads Styling VIP clients, this means big-ticket statement pieces of jewelry by independent designers of fine jewelry like Suzanne Kalan and Nikos Koulis. “People are dressing up again and want to have fun after the last two years,” Says Quy. For those with less money, there are many ways to stand out with your jewelry, be it in the form of a dazzling earring or striking sculptural rings.


Our love for a fun jewellery piece has no signs of diminishing. In a report on 2021’s Gen Z plastic fantastic trend, MatchesFashion’s Wisdom claims that novelty pieces were initially only famous in jewellery for fashion. Still, it’s happening in high-end jewellery as well, with upscale jewellery that is a novelty from designers like Alison Lou and Yvonne Leon making a splash.

Emotional Attachment

There is a growing demand for personalized items that incorporate personal initials, zodiac signs and birthstones. They’re an excellent conversation to start conversations,” says Miranda Rose Williams, the VP of designer relations at Finematter. It’s about finding the item that speaks to you, according to Quy, whether it’s Marie Lichtenberg’s Love You To The Moon And Back locket or stacking any of one of Ananya’s vibrant chakra bracelets.

Conscious Consumption

Jewellery consumers are more pressured to make informed decisions regarding their jewellery. The biggest hurdle is getting away from the greenwashing. Take a look at Vogue’s guidelines about everything from what you should ask your jeweller buying diamonds and the search for an eco-friendly diamond engagement ring. There’s no definitive answer, but requiring traceability and honesty from companies is crucial. You could also opt for vintage or have something you don’t anymore wear repurposed into the coveted piece that you can never take off. According to the State of Fashion report, around 20-30 per cent of the world’s fine jewellery sales are influenced by sustainable issues, including environmental impact and ethical sources.

Dopamine Dressing

The trend of striking, make-you-smile colours will remain the rage in jewellery this year. Chains with embellishments are gaining popularity, according to Libby Page, senior market editor at Net-a-Porter, as well as brands like Gigi Clozeau Pascale Monvoisin, Brent Neale and Sydney Evan are growing more imaginative with the addition of pops of colour and exploring innovative materials like ceramics, studding links and diamonds and different precious stones.


The New York label is most known for its custom closure-free Forever Bracelet, which is placed on your body; however, its other designs also take TikTok on the rise. It was founded in 2004, and the brand’s mission is to build a community and focuses on timeless quality and quality.

Most of Catbird’s items are timeless and delicate, with a range of stones and metals in delicate designs to create an elegant, classic style. Teensie, pinkie rings that can be stacked, and elegant wristlet chains make up a few of the most sought-after items.


For those who are minimalists with a conscience, welcome! Vrai, located in Los Angeles, only uses real gold and ethically produced lab diamonds in its collection. The majority of Vrai items have a new sense of style and quality.

The brand is most well-known for its traditional engagement rings with many cuts and shapes Vrai is a brand that focuses on sustainability as a whole. With numerous fashion-forward collaborations like Givenchy, Balmain, and Dover Street Market, Vrai pieces are a long-lasting investment that can be passed down to future generations.

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