Cari Farver Body Found, Disappearance Story, Killer, Wiki

Cari Farver Body Found, Disappearance Story, Now

Netflix Releases True Crime Documentary “Lover, Stalker, Killer” on February 9th. The documentary delves into a fatal love triangle involving Dave Kroupa, who was romantically involved with two women, Cari Farver and Liz Golyar, in the vicinity of Omaha, Nebraska, in 2012.

He initially informed both the women he was dating that he was not interested in getting into a serious relationship, but the situation got worse and evolved into a horrific tale bound with murder, arson, and stalking.

Farver disappeared just two weeks later, getting into a love relationship with Dave Kroupa, and the mystery started to rise. In this article, we will share the information about the whereabouts of Dave Kroupa, Cari Farver, and Liz Golyar.

Cari Farver Disappearance

Car Farver started dating Dave Kroupa, an auto repairman who hails from Nebraska in the United States, in 2012. It was just two weeks later that 37-year-old Cari, a mother of one, disappeared suddenly. A missing report of Cari was shared on social media Twitter after her disappearance.

After she was found missing, it is speculated that she was threatening her casual partner Dave Kroupa by texting him messages of keeping a watch on him continuously and that she was destined to ruin and destroy his life so that he would never think of being with anyone else ever again.

Dave went in a shell life always in fear with some stranger harassing him online in the name of Cari. However, to our surprise, the investigators discovered in 2016 that Cari was not the one sending him life-fearing messages.

In reality, she was brutally killed by an obsessed lover who had spent four years impersonating her online. Following Cari’s demise, her friends reminisce about her. The true story of Cari’s death was revealed after years.

Who killed Cari Farver?

At around the same time when Dave Kroupa was in a casual relationship with Cari, he crossed paths with Liz Golyar on a dating site and started dating her as well. Dave took it at ease initially of his casual encounter, unaware of the harrowing ordeal fueled by fury and jealousy awaiting his actions.

Things turned worse when it was speculated that Cari threatened Dave with harsh messages stalking him all the time in August 2013, Liz Golyar claimed of burned down her house, killing her 2 cats and a pet snake in anger. It was even more shocking when Liz alleged that Cari had shot her in 2015.

Further, the police officials became skeptical as they went into deep investigation over this claim. After Cari went missing, officials discovered that she had never seen by anyone since 2012, including her family members. Upon more investigation, the officials revealed that Liz Golyar was behind the killing of Cari after they found her fingerprints in Cari Farver’s vehicle.

It is believed that Liz stabbed Cari brutally to death, and the investigating officers recovered a memory card in her iPad having an image of her corpse. Following a startling four years of impersonating Cari, it was revealed that Liz had been the one sending the abusive texts all along.

Did the officials recover Cari Farver’s Dead body?

It was very unfortunate that the officials failed to discover the dead body of Cari Farver. However, as per the prosecution, the killing was executed on 13th November 2012, in a residence in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States. The investigating officials failed to identify any murder weapon or witness to this atrocious crime.

The case relied on the circumstantial proofs that connected Liz and Farver. The investigating officials found Liz’s fingerprints on a gum pack in Cari Farver’s vehicle, with a disturbing image of Farver’s decaying foot discovered along. The officials also found Farver’s blood in the apartment but did not find any traces of her corpse.

Where is Liz Golyar currently?

Liz Golyar is currently behind bars at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for conducting such a brutal act.

Where is Dave Kroupa currently?

Since Golyar’s capture, Kroupa has kept a low profile and expressed feeling some responsibility for Farver’s death.

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