Burger King Employee 27 Years GoFundme

Burger King Employee 27 Years GoFundme

This content shares with you brief information about the fundraising event of the Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme campaign.

Are you aware of the trending news of the employee at Burger King who has received a donation of around $300k? Do you want to know more about the story that made him earn money?

The article is related to the Burger King employee Kevin Ford who gives his services at the franchise in Las Vegas, in the United States. The franchise is popular all across the globe along with Canada and Australia. More information about Burger King Employee 27 years GoFundme is mentioned in the article.

Burger King Employee 27 Years GoFundme

Kevin Ford, the 54 years old loyal employee of Burger King, started to work with the franchise at Mc Carran International Airport in 1995 as a chef and a cashier. In his 27 years of honest service, he has not been on a leave for a single day of his job.

On his 27th anniversary as a Burger King employee, the manager of the franchise gifted him with candy, chocolates, sweets, cinema tickets, Starbucks cups, etc. Kevin is been thanked by his fellow colleagues for his impeccable service in a viral video, and the people were shocked to see the trivial gifts offered to the continuous service of the franchise.

Burger King Employee Kevin Ford Family

Kevin Ford is blessed with 4 daughters. He started his journey as an employee of Burger King as a single father. He got aware of the necessity for her daughters and agreed to a remarriage. Her daughter Seryna Ford, started the Gofundme campaign to honor the services provided by her father throughout his life without a single leave.

She had started the campaign to raise $200 funds amount for her father Kevin so that he could make up for a trip to get along with his grandchildren after a long span. The faithful employee Kevin is too happy to meet his children and grandchildren.

What Declaration was made for Burger King Employee 27years GoFundme?

Kevin Ford’s daughter, Seryna started the Gofundme campaign and made a post describing the phenomenal services her father provided to Burger King at the Mc Carran International Airport franchise. She stated that her father fought as a single father and raised her along with her sibling working sincerely at Burger King.

The organization was really kind to help them with the health insurance and the necessary expenses of the school of Kevin’s children and provided these excellent additional benefits. With this description in the post, she urged the people if they would wish to donate to her father for his services. The people were happy to donate to the kind-hearted faithful employee and the Gofunme raised $300k in support of Kevin Ford.

The news about the Burger King employee being supported with the fundraising of $300k is trending due to the huge amount of donations he received by the post of her daughter mentioning his loyal services to the franchise. His dedication, passion for his work, and his sincere efforts made him work continuously for Burger King without taking a single leave. The people have showered their immense love upon the dedicated employee with their kind donation and appreciated his efforts.

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Final Words

The content is about the Burger king employee Kevin Ford who won the hearts of the people by his sincere and dedicated efforts for his job without any leave. He got honored with a huge donation of $300k by the fundraising campaign started by her daughter.