Debra Jeter Obituary, Netflix, Daughter Kiersten, Movie

Debra Jeter Obituary, Netflix, Daughter Kiersten, Movie

In this article, we will share the information about Debra Jeter’s Obituary and also the details of the mother who killed their children with a slit on their throats.

How did Debra Jeter die? What is the actual reason behind Debra Jeter’s death? People are keen to know about Debra Jeter’s Obituary. After hearing the news of her death, people are in search of the cause of her death. The majority of the time, people are misled by the death news of healthy people. The people of the United States are willing to know the current status of Debra Jeter.

Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Jeter, an American national, who hails from Texas, completed her schooling in a local public school in Texas, the United States. She was disturbed when her spouse Lee Jeter, filed a divorce against her. She got anxious about the custody dispute of her two children, Kelsey and Kiersten when Lee was involved in the process of filing a divorce. Debra Jeter has left the world, and it seems that she has committed suicide.

Debra Jeter, who resided in Hillsboro, Texas, in the United States, made an attempt to commit suicide on 21st May 2009, next to Mother’s Day, when she was at her home alongside her two daughters. She was 41 years of age during that time, and she opted to commit suicide as she was not able to digest the fact that she would lose her husband and children, as her spouse Lee Jeter filed a divorce against her.

She was alleged to have physically abused her daughter Kiersten in 2004 but later was deprived of the charges as she underwent therapy to revive her mental health conditions. Lee was a bit scared to get a restraining order from the Court against her wife, Debra Jeter after he noticed her behavior of Debra with the trouble and fear she had of losing her children. The Court granted the unsupervised visit order to Debra in just less than 3 weeks after lifting the restraining order just a day after she attempted suicide at her home.

The brutal incident by the ruthless mother Debra Jeter | Netflix 2022 Original ‘Case and Survived Daughter Kiersten

Debra Jeter received a prison sentence on 5th June 2009 as she was found guilty of her children’s deaths. She dialed 911 to report that she had killed her daughter, describing the terrifying incident. She told the dispatcher that she had slit the throats of her children. The tragic incident left everyone spellbound as she left her daughter Kiersten who was 13 at that time to fight for her life whereas her 2nd daughter Kelsey, 12 years of age, was found dead.

She lured her daughters and headed them to an abandoned farmhouse that is located on Interstate 35 the very same day she picked her children up for an unsupervised visit. The children were anxious to meet their mother, totally unaware of her illicit conspire preparations to kill her daughters. The children were totally surprised as Debra pulled out a knife and initially started to attack Kiersten, who shouted out loud at her sister to stop.

Debra then moved to Kelsey after attacking Kiersten, whom she stabbed in her back as she tried to protect her sister. Debra slit her daughter Kelsey’s throat and killed her with severe injuries. She again moved back to Kiersten, who got a slit on her throat on purpose as she was in an extremely terrifying situation.  The incident occurred just 4 hours after Debra picked up their children.

Where is Kiersten Jeter at present?

Kiersten Jeter faced a horrifying incident that involved her mother attempting to kill her daughters, which led to the death of her sister and severe injuries to herself. She has always refrained from facing the media as she was the victim of the tragedy at just 13 years. She still recalls the horrifying incident that took place around 12 years back, currently being 24-25 years old. Debra justified her ruthless behavior with the claims that she was totally disturbed by the divorce procedure initiated by her husband and the custody disputes related to their daughters.

Debra Jeter Obituary

Debra Jeter, who hails from Carrollton, Georgia, in the United States, left the world on 14th January 2021. She came into the world on 20th November 1962, in Randolph Co., Georgia, and was happily brought up by her parents, the late Billy and Palona Jeter. She was a program analyst for academic affairs at West Georgia Technical College. She was also a member of Indian Creek Baptist Church. The funeral of Debra was announced to happen on Monday 18th January 2021, at around 2:00pm. The rights were conducted by Bro. Doyle Jackson in the Indian Creek Baptist Church was followed by the interment in the church cemetery.

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