Can you get in trouble for using a VPN on Netflix?

Can you get in trouble for using a VPN on Netflix?

In this world of digitalization, where everything revolves around the internet, the services offered by the streaming platforms have a different point of view on being a global village. If you love to watch online videos by streaming them and are interested in binge-watching TV series and movies, you must be indeed knowledgeable of the fact that most trending streaming platforms like Netflix have geo-restriction.

In such conditions, VPN apps come into existence alongside their radical privacy norms. For people who are unknown of VPN use, it is a bit hard to understand the tool which avails you of online proximity and enhances privacy with the encrypted module, and you can access online activities with privacy via a tunnel network rather than using your ISP.

Moreover, you are free to use these apps as a tool to view Netflix with access to a particular region and its libraries. A premium VPN app can provide you with multiple benefits and enables you to watch popular movies and much more in countries with geo-restriction. There is a question in the mind of the people can you get in trouble for using a VPN on Netflix? Is it illegal to watch Netflix using a VPN? Let us have a look at this topic.

Why use a VPN to view Netflix?

Multiple premium VPN services enable you to choose the desired server, and you can view your favorite content on the online streaming platform. It means that you can select the country to have appeared when you are traced. For instance, if you are a United States resident and wish to view a TV series available only on Netflix UK, you can easily connect to the UK VPN server via the VPN and easily disguise the originality of the location. Considering these facts, the major reasons why people are interested in choosing a VPN to view Netflix are mentioned below.

  • To obtain access to a wide range of library content.

The reports suggest that the countries like Canada, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, and Ireland are among those who have the maximum use of VPN to view the online streaming platform Netflix frequently. Why do people select to extract the Netflix service from a different country when it is easily accessible with a simple login procedure?

It has always been a wide range of content to access. The United States is in the top tier with the most extensive list of content out of all countries, with around 5000+ latest titles offered to the viewers. It is the primary reason why people opt to use a VPN to view Netflix.

  • To view the online streaming Netflix in the countries where it has not yet been launched in an official manner.

People use a VPN service routinely to have access to Netflix in countries where the online platform is not yet available officially. The countries like China, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea are on the list of those countries.

Is it not legit to use a VPN service to view Netflix?

No, it is not illegal. However, it is not unlawful to use a VPN to view the content on Netflix but it sure rules over the terms and conditions of the streaming platform. The online platform Netflix has a geo-restriction on the content library due to multiple reasons, the primary reason is to refrain from the breach of the copyright issue of the content owners and their licensing norms.

The content ownership laws vary and so Netflix cannot offer the same content in all countries. For instance, it may put a particular title in the US library, but they cannot keep it in the UK library as there may be rights issues in a different country. Following to their strict norms, Netflix declared in 2016 to forbid users found using a VPN to view online content on their platform. They prompt the users to view the content of the country they have created their account limited to the geographical norms.

What happens if your VPN gets detected by Netflix?

Netflix has the legal authority to discontinue the account of the user and refrain from accessing the content. Further, it would not be a recommended move by them pertaining to business strategy as they would lose millions of users who choose to view the expanded content library through a VPN, as they would opt to shift to a rival company to view the content.

Using a VPN to view Netflix is a bit risk-free. The notification may appear on your streaming device that you are using a proxy server, and your account may get deactivated. It may prevent you from using that particular VPN, and you can try other connections after a moment. It is the essential thing to consider that VPNs are restricted in certain countries. And to use them to conduct internet activities is illegal. The countries like Russia, China, Belarus, Iraq, UAE, Turkey, and North Korea strictly prohibit the use of VPNs to access internet services. So avoid the use of VPN, particularly in these countries.

Final Words

To view the content on Netflix via a VPN is not illegal if the country you are residing in does not prohibit the use of a VPN. But, it is undoubtedly against the norms of Netflix to use a VPN connection to view online content on the streaming platform. There is a possibility that Netflix may disable the account as they have the full right to cancel your subscription. So it is highly recommended to use a premium VPN and avoid the use of a free VPN to view Netflix.

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