6 Best art and craft activities your children will enjoy

craft activities

Do you also fear these words, ‘I am bored,’ when they come out of your kids’ mouths? You do, right? Unfortunately, no matter the number of toys, screen time, or outdoor play time, kids tend to get bored.

For a parent, this becomes challenging as they must figure out what to do to keep their child engaged. Fortunately, there is one thing that can keep kids busy and also help them learn a few things. And that is arts and crafts!

The best activities for kids include multiple things requiring a few materials, which you can find in your home. For instance, get all the empty Amazon boxes and use them to make a dollhouse with your kids. It entertains them while also helping them develop their creative and imaginative skills.

What are the best activities there to keep your kids engaged? Then read below.

 Avengers’ bookmarks

Kids love superheroes, and Avengers is one of their favorites, thanks to Marvel. Use their love for superheroes to get them into reading and crafts. Buy any material related to this from https://kidsplaycrafts.com.au/ and use them to create Avenegers’s bookmarks. Teach them how to do this, and then they can start making the bookmarks independently. Use these bookmarks for the books you use to tell them stories or that they love.

Collage art using natural products

Kids love playing with sand, stones, twigs, and leaves. So instead of stopping them from using these natural things, let them use these wild things to create a natural collage. First, find a picture of your child for this DIY art project. Ask them to paste it on a page, then ask them to find leaves, twigs, flowers, barks, small stones, and so on. Once they have everything, let them paste it on the photo, and your natural collage is ready.

Finger puppet

Another popular kids’ activity in 2022 is creating a finger puppet. It doesn’t require any sweeping, so that’s a relief. However, it will require a hot glue gun, which kids may need help with depending on their age. However, it’s a fun activity, and the results are precious too. After they complete their finger puppets following a guide, they can use them to play any game as per their imagination.

Painting ice cream sticks and making flowers out of it

Kids love painting, the splash of colors excites them, and you can use this to do an activity with them. Just buy or gather ice cream sticks lying around your house. Give them to the kids to paint in different colors. After they dry off, ask them to bring a piece of paper and create flowers or other shapes using the stick by pasting them on a piece of paper.

It keeps them from getting bored, and they also learn to make different shapes. Then, allow them to add glitter to the shapes for more fun.

Rainbow walking art

Kids love to get their hands dirty. Isn’t it? That’s why they will love this art and craft idea. First, find a big paper roll and spread it on the floor. Then, get your non-toxic paint colors out and mix a few colors in a big rectangular dish together. (It’s best to use colors similar to those in a rainbow.) Then, ask the kids to stand on the paint and walk the entire paper length. Their footprints will find themselves on the paper roll, which you can also frame for memories.

Create a dollhouse together

As mentioned above, a simple DIY art and craft activity is to make a dollhouse using empty cartons at home. You can follow any tutorial online and give the dollhouse your own twist. Also, if you have minor scrapes of things, use them to create furniture, dolls, and more. Or you can purchase supplies or miniature furniture for the dollhouse after you and your child complete the project.

From DIY projects to find arts and crafts activities, the options are endless to keep your kids entertained and happy. Moreover, such activities help them become creative and learn the art of focusing. Thus, always remember to introduce skills and crafts activities to your child.


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