Yohanes Kidane Found Dead, Cause of Death, Brother, Age

Yohanes Kidane Found Dead, Cause of Death, Brother, Age

Yohanes Kidane, a 22-year-old software engineer at Netflix, went missing on August 14, 2023, following an Uber ride in San Jose, California. Tragically, his lifeless body was discovered in San Francisco Bay on August 29, 2023, with authorities deeming his passing a suicide. The news of his disappearance and demise has left his family, friends, and colleagues profoundly shocked and saddened.

A recent graduate of Cornell University, Yohanes embarked on his Netflix career just two weeks prior to his disappearance. He possessed a reputation as a brilliant and talented young man with an ardent devotion to technology and innovation. For more comprehensive information about his case, you can refer to the following news articles:

Yohanes, born in 2001, graduated from Cornell University in 2023, holding a degree in computer science. He commenced his role as a Netflix software engineer on August 7, 2023, merely a week before his mysterious disappearance. Hailing originally from Rochester, New York, he had a brother and a sister.

Yohanes Kidane Net Worth

While Yohanes Kidane’s precise net worth remains uncertain, estimations suggest it might have ranged from $100,000 to $200,000 at the time of his passing. These approximations are rooted in the following assumptions

Yohanes graduated from Cornell University in 2023 with a degree in computer science, a field renowned for its prestige and financial potential in the United States. On average, a computer science graduate from Cornell earns a yearly salary of $102,000 according to available data.

Yohanes Kidane Cause of Death

Yohanes Kidane death resulted from a combination of blunt impact injuries and drowning, with drowning being a significant contributing factor. The authorities classified his passing as a suicide. On August 29, 2023, his lifeless body was discovered afloat in the San Francisco Bay, to the northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge. He had gone missing on August 14, 2023, and his wallet, cellphone, and backpack were recovered near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center shortly after his disappearance. Analysis of his photo data indicated that he had spent the majority of the night he went missing at the bridge.

Yohanes, a 22-year-old Netflix software engineer who had recently relocated from New York to California for his new job, leaves behind a grieving family, devastated friends, and mourning colleagues. He was celebrated as a brilliant and gifted young man with an unwavering passion for technology and innovation.

Yohanes Kidane Brother

Yohanes Kidane has a brother named Yosief Kidane, who is one year and four months older than him. They shared a close bond and pursued their computer science studies together at Cornell University. Currently, Yosief resides in New York City, and he was the last person to have a phone conversation with Yohanes before his sudden disappearance. In his quest for answers, Yosief has been tirelessly spearheading the search efforts to locate his missing brother, with the support of their sister, Sara.

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