What Is Spinel Stone? History Meanings & Properties

Spinel Stone

The Spinel Stone: The Eloquence!

What Exactly is a Spinel Stone? 

The fascination of human beings with shiny objects such as glossy metals, lustrous gemstones, satiny pearls, etc. has been the cornerstone of history since millennia! Our race has been obsessed with such exquisite materials, leading to vivid as well as rapacious chronicles in almost all of the kingdoms of rulers around the world. Encrusted into an Emperor’s Crown, or clutched into an Insignia ring, or a Monarchial Scepter, precious stones or gemstones have been the core reason for creating fascinating pieces of jewelry or Regalia! 

Properties of Spinel Stones

A one-of-a-kind precious gemstone is Spinel Gemstone or the Spinel Crystal! A crystalline form of the minerals — Magnesium, Aluminum and Oxygen, there are colorless forms of Spinel stones, however most commonly ones emanate tones of red, lavender, blue, green, brown, yellow, or even black! Its name, Spinel, originates from the Latin word Spinella, owing to its pointed crystalline form, much similar to the pointy bones in the Spinal column!

Spinel History 

Before the 18th Century, most Transparent red Spinel stones were usually called and traded as Rubies (as Spinel-rubies or Balas rubies), until after Rubies were specifically identified as composed of different mineral Corundum, Spinel stones were identified as a different class of gemstones! With an increasing demand for Rubies, Spinel were most sought after gemstones during ancient times, mostly mined from the Southeast Asian region.

Its luxurious red color garnered it a place in the treasury of Kings and Emperors, from which it was handed down as loot from battles and wars! of the many spinel stones having found their mark in Royale Houses, most noteworthy was the Samarian Spinel weighing in at 500 Carats, the largest known Spinel stone in the world. Other from the regal insignia include the most famous spinel stones — The Black Prince’s Ruby, as the “Timur Ruby” in the British Imperial State Crown Jewels, and the French Crown jewels, which were later christened as the “Côte de Bretagne”!

Spinel Birthstone 

Quite recent times witnessed having Spinel stone allocated a space as the August Birthstone, of which peridot and sardonyx are also August Birthstones. A gift from the depths of Earth to babies born of August, Spinel stones glowing in the shades of Girlish Pinks And Purples, Citric Oranges, and Nippy Hues as well as strong Grays and Potent Blues. 

Are Spinels Valuable?

Most gemstones are pretty expensive; then there are which fit the classes of Regale Monarchs and the likes. Spinel Gemstones in certain extremely rare colors will be priced between $3,000 to $5,000 a carat, such as the unique reds and pinks! Others with a tint of gray hue, or blue, yellow can be availed at lesser Spinel prices! Note that, prices of Star Spinels hinge on color, clarity, size and in certain cases their origins or sources! Known forms of Spinel stones are available in naturally, sparkling hues of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray and black.

Is Spinel A Precious Gemstone?

By the chemical composition of a Spinel Stone, it classifies as a semi-precious gemstone. Since, it doesn’t belong to carbon-based gemstones or diamond family, Spinel Stone can’t be classified as a precious stone. Nevertheless, Spinel’s bright vitreous radiance, at times, supersedes the sheen of a Ruby by a mile! 

What are the benefits of Spinel?

Since Millenia, balas rubies are esteemed for their unique power in substantiating health unto joints, muscles and bones, especially the lower spine, along with stronger gums and teeth! A Spinel stone is corroborated to grant one extra energy, strength, and endurance for those suffering from chronic trauma or disease. Furthermore, as The Stone of Immortality also proves to grant: 

  • Rejuvenation and Revitalization
  • Compassion and Devotion
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Hope and Encouragement
  • Eliminates Negative Thinking
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Joy of Life

Is Spinel Good For An Engagement Ring?

Definitely! Since the crystalline structure of a Spinel Stone accords it an 8 on the on the Mohs hardness scale, it is fit for wearing in daily use jewelry without having to worry about any damages to its beautiful polished surfaces! 

How can you tell fake Spinel?

Today, it’s a personal responsibility to ensure your precious stones are genuine in their origins and creation. Fakes are dime a dozen, and spotting one requires knowledge and trust on your source of the Spinel Stone. Any Gemologist can identify a real or fake Spinel stone by observing it under Long-Wave UV Radiation Light. Those Spinel stones, which will glow under this light, are synthetically manufactured, and not excavated and polished from mined sources!

How to Care for Spinel Stone

The magnificent beauty of balas rubies commands cleaning them often, if you’re wearing it daily, with some soap and warm water. Refrain from any other harsh chemicals or heat treatments!

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