Lego Piece 26047 Among Us| How Did It Become a MeMe

Lego Piece 26047 Among Us
Lego Piece 26047 Among Us

What is the Lego piece 26047 meme?

Let us begin with understanding why this meme is doing the buzzing on the Internet suddenly out of nowhere! It would be quite better if we understood the fundamentals that created a storm out of a very old Lego playing blocks piece, which is specifically numbered 26047! Lego block #26047 is creating quite a frenzy on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit right now, especially those scores of people playing the popular game titled, “Among Us”. 

What is Lego piece 26047?

The discrete 26047 Lego piece belongs to a class of unique 13 parts. Each of these parts was also bundled into 14 special sets called minifigs. Furthermore, the 26047 Lego piece became mainstream after being bundled into further 356 sets of Lego building blocks! It was also quite known when it was provided in a unique kit that was packaged as a pencil pot! It is shaped like a plate, which has a bar handle, and it is a modified 1 x 1 rounded piece. It was designed and introduced by Lego way back, in 2016!

Has the Lego Piece 26047 Any Effective Meaning?

By itself, the Lego Piece 26047 has no meaning unto itself or with anything else in the world. Until you bring up the topic of the recently raging Among Us Video game!

Among us red vs Lego piece red

Among us red vs Lego piece red

Among us yellow vs Lego piece yellow

Among us yellow vs Lego piece yellow

Among us green vs Lego piece green

Among us green vs Lego piece green

About Lego Piece 26047 (Meme):

As of explaining it to the layman in a few words, the Lego piece 26047 meme is a normal Lego piece, about which most Internet users or specifically Among Us players will warn or forbid other Internet users or Among Us players from searching about it on the Internet search engines! It is because the Lego piece 26047 resembles a critically prime character in the recently leading popular Among Us video game!

Beginning of Lego Piece 26047 Meme:

It so happens that on March 1st, 2021, a TikTok’er created and uploaded a live video of them surfing the leading internet search engine Google for “Lego piece 26047“. Suddenly, the on-screen text projected “when Lego piece 26047 is sus” message on their phone device, after which the meme has been gaining momentum as more and more players have been playing and joined the Among Us gamers community!

Why Is The Lego Piece 26047 Causing Some Issues?

Normally, the 26047 Lego piece is an uncommonly shaped unit from the bag of Lego blocks, nevertheless, it is still just a plastic piece just like other Lego blocks. However, for those people playing Among Us, this piece is looked upon by the players with quite a bit of wretchedness! You may be wondering why so much Hullabaloo over a petty piece of plastic, which under 10-year-olds are not even using anymore! The reason is that the Lego piece 26047 appears much like an Impostor in the game lego 26047 among us!

Therefore, all the Among Us players will forewarn all others into not searching Google for what the Lego piece 26047 is! Thereafter, the curiosity of the players drives them into searching for the very thing they are warned not doing do, and then they fall into despair after looking at the Lego Piece 26047! 

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What is wrong with 26047 Lego piece

In reality, nothing is wrong with this particular Lego Piece 26047! However, in March 2021, when a Tiktoker spread his finding a Lego piece similar to the Imposter in the game Among Us, it soon became viral, and the game character and the Lego piece 26047 have gained popularity ever since!

What is Among Us Game?

For those who are new to the Among Us game, or even not playing it, an Impostor in Among Us is the prime suspect in the game, who is assigned the task of virtually killing all other participants in the game, without getting caught or detected, and staying alive all alone until the very end! The Impostor wins the game by killing all others who are known as the Crewmates! These Crewmates stand to win by identifying the Imposter before he kills all of the Crewmates!

Among Us is basically a survival game, with simpler graphics and rich gameplay in terms of logical and analytical reasoning and deduction mechanism for identifying the Imposter within the entire batch of online players! In the game of Among Us survival, as Impostors, you aim to kill all the Crewmates (among us crewmates), whereas Crewmates must identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map!

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How To Play Among Us Game With LEGO?

There is a separately available unique Lego Among US kit, which you can acquire, and play along with your friends and family, especially kids or teenagers alike! Just like the virtual video game, players in the real world can build a tiny map of the Among Us crew ship, and assign players into Crewmates and Imposters! A player from respective teams will then in turn either identify the Imposter or kill the crewmate, depending on which faction he is assigned into. 

You May Access The Following Skills Or Abilities:

Whilst playing the Among Us game, you may acquire or enhance any skills or abilities from a lot of options, say such as Scientist and the Engineer! These abilities are available when a player chooses to play a Crewmate role! As a scientist, players are allowed to check for player deaths without physically finding the body! As an Engineer, Crewmates are now given the freedom to use vents for traveling across the ship. Previously, this option or ability was only available for players playing as Imposters in the game!

If a Crewmate dies, then the player is reborn as a Guardian Angel, who has special abilities such as offering a shield for preventing alive Crewmates from dying at the hands of Imposters! Meanwhile, Shapeshifter roles are available for Imposters, which grants them the ability to disguise themselves as crewmates more easily!

Advantages of Making LEGO Pieces In Among Us Game:

Young children and teenagers can gather around with friends and play this Lego build-a-Block version of Among Us and play for fun! This game develops player’s analytical, logical, and deductive conclusion skills, which helps them ace ahead in their education and careers!

Final Verdict:

The Lego Piece 26047 meme is a viral video or meme fest, which urges an among us lego piece 26047 players from staying away from actually looking at the Lego piece 26047, which resembles the Imposter character. In turn, it might lead to spoiling the player’s gameplay when playing as a Crewmate, but not necessarily does ruin the gameplay! Hence, for Among Us players, it is a cringeworthy artifact to look at, normal people might not find it amusing at all!

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