What Does a Real Estate Mentor Do, and How Do You Find One

What Does a Real Estate Mentor Do, and How Do You Find One

Real Estate Mentor

A real estate mentor is an expert in the real estate business and can help you to become one, too. They have the expertise to help you in many areas, including negotiations, helping to create leads, and helping with other real estate issues. They can help you to become a better agent or allow you to become one in the first place.

You can find a mentor in many different ways, especially through an online search. You can even hire Krista if you would like to consult with an expert in the area. She has been helping people to become better agents for years. 

You do not have to be new or inexperienced to hire a mentor in real estate. You just need to want to improve what you are already doing. You could also use mentors to help keep you accountable for the job that you need to be doing. You need to make sure that you ask some questions before you hire one. 

Some questions that you need to ask are: What are your expectations when you meet with this person? Are you going to share quality information with them and if so, what will you share with them? You will also want to find out if you have common interests so that you can be more open with them since real estate is a people business. You want to find someone who has a similar style to yours and you want a similar mindset.

You also want to agree on a strategy that will help you out the most with a mentor. If you get most of your leads online or have most of your ads on social media, you will want a mentor that has a similar strategy. You can look here for some real estate strategies that you might want to talk about: https://www.coachcarson.com/best-real-estate-investing-strategies/. You do not want to work with someone who does not agree with the way that you work. You want someone who can help you to do what you already do better. 

Check on the goals and accomplishments of the potential mentor to make sure that they align with what you want to do. You need to be able to admire what they have done because if you do not feel admiration, this is probably not the mentor for you. You want to be able to respect the person because if you do not it will be difficult to follow their advice. 

You want someone who will give you advice and feedback about how you follow – or do not follow – that advice. You want them to give you short-term and long-term goals that can make you successful in the long run. You hire a mentor because you want to be more successful, not just so that you can say that you worked with a mentor.

Where Do You Find a Mentor?

There are many places where you can find one, and you can begin in your own office. Is there someone in your office that you watch and admire? Do they have the same goals that you do, and can they help you to become a better agent? Do they have the experience so they can show you how they became successful? You need to ask these questions before you inquire about their ability to help you. 

Check-in your network – is there anyone else in your network that has the same style that you have? There are brokers, lenders, and other people that you work with within the bigger network that could help you to become better at your job. Check here to see if they have good suggestions on where to find a good mentor. If they do not want to be a mentor, maybe they know someone that can and will want to. If you can find someone, set up a meeting and see if you have good synergy.

Local networking events can also help you to find someone, maybe someone that you had not thought of before. At these events, strike up conversations with others to see if they have the same interests and goals as you. These people could either be good mentors for you or they could help you to find one. 

Check out group mentoring opportunities to find connections. You might find an excellent mentor this way. You can see if any of the leaders of the group would be able and willing to help you out. This would be an awesome way for you to get the perfect mentor. Look at the social media platforms that you are already a part of. LinkedIn and even Facebook can have people in real estate that might want to mentor you. You might even get someone to mentor you digitally through these platforms. 

You can also look at apprenticeships in your area – this could be another way for you to find a mentor. If you work at the right agency, you can find someone that needs an apprentice, and they can show you the ropes that way. They can teach you the things that you want to know and need to know. 

What You Need to Know About Mentoring

You must know what mentoring is not as well as what it is. For example, mentoring is not a given or an entitlement. A real estate agent does not have to provide you with mentorship. This is something that is provided by some as an extra incentive to get you to work with them. Another thing you should not expect is for someone just to pick you up as someone to mentor. You will have to do the legwork to find one. They will not seek you out. 

You will also find that mentorship is not just black and white – there are plenty of gray areas. You might have questions that you might not get an easy answer to. There are situations that could be seen in more than one way and could be handled differently than you expect. There are different types of mentorships, as well. There are one-on-one mentors, or you could be a part of a group for the mentor. As was mentioned above, you might decide that an apprenticeship is better for you.

Difference Between a Real Estate Mentor and Real Estate Coach

The difference between a mentor and a coach is that a mentor will answer questions for you and offer you suggestions. They will guide you on ways to become more successful and be successful at a high level. Mentorship is built on a personal level that requires you to have the same interests and the same goals as you, or at least be very close to you. 

A real estate coach, on the other hand, will listen to you and then provide you with steps that you can take to become more efficient. They focus on the short-term and not so much on long-term goals. They want to help you in the here and now, not the future, although their help and guidance could help your future goals, as well. They want to help you stay focused on the business of real estate through individual steps and not so much with the overall strategy and planning.


A real estate mentor can help you to become better at your job as an agent. They can do this by helping you to strategize your long-term goals, as well as your short-term goals. They can be found in many places, including your own agency and through your vast network of real estate friends. You will want to find one that has similar interests and goals as you. You can be more successful if you find a good mentor. 

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