What are The Best Patio Cover Ideas for Rain? 

What are The Best Patio Cover Ideas for Rain? 

A patio refers to a courtyard or a recreated area that adjoins a house. People usually prefer to read, relax, or enjoy a refreshing drink on their patio. So, therefore, no matter what you desire to do on your patio, keeping it shaded will make the experience more pleasant and desirable. 

Covering the patio will provide shade and protect the area from rain, extreme sunlight, storms, etc. So, by creating an outdoor rain cover for the patio, you get the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable experience without getting disturbed by the rain. 

However, By providing a patio cover Los Angeles, you will get the opportunity to design them using lighting, patterns, florals, etc. There are various designs available to create shelter for your patio, but choosing one can be challenging. Therefore, this blog provides you with some amazing outdoor covered patio ideas that will provide you shade and also create a pleasurable experience. 

The Best Patio Covers Los Angeles 

A well-designed patio cover can enhance your experience and increase the time you spend outside your house. You can enjoy your book, doze off near the pool, or get a relaxing nap. The rain cover will allow you to hang out as much as you want without any hindrances. Some of the basic yet stunning patio cover ideas are stated below. 

Set up an awning 

An awning refers to a cover that has a downward angle. It automatically glides dust, debris, and water off its surface without any issue. They can either be permanent or retractable, depending upon your requirement. If you want, you can even choose a vibrant frame colour to make your cover look eye-catching. 

However, if you prefer something soothing, then go for the calm and simple tones for a peaceful experience. Use simple yet comfortable chairs and tables for a relaxing environment. 

An awning has a different style and is quite a popular choice because of its comprehensive designs. They are extremely convenient to use as well since you can control them using smartphone applications or a wireless remote. For decorating, the installation of decorative lights is an interesting and cool choice. 

Fibreglass pergola 

If you have a high budget and want to try out something fancy, then going for a fibreglass pergola is an ideal option. The benefit of a pergola is that you can either choose to use equally spaced materials to create openings in between or create a completely solid shelter. So, if you want to use the fibreglass pergola for your deck rain cover ideas, then keep it solid. 

For designing, you can choose to colour the fibreglass with your favourite colours as per your suitability. The fibreglass material is quite sturdy and requires low maintenance. It is waterproof as well, and hence you do not have to worry about the influence of heavy rainfall. If you want, you can simply wipe it using a wet cloth. 

The fibreglass pergolas are an excellent material to create shelter while providing enough design options. Use designer rugs and contrast them with simple furniture. Try to keep the colour theme the same for a better outlook. 

Enclosed patio cover 

To create something chic yet unique, go for a solid glass sunroof for your patio cover. It will provide enough protection from rain and keep other elements outside as well. You will get a chic and elegant look while enjoying the sunlight and rain from above. 

If you want, you can choose to opt for a retractable sunroof as it will allow you to provide a rain cover when required and enjoy unfiltered sunshine when desired. Install a simple-looking ceiling fan to provide air and use wooden furniture to create a jungle-like experience. 

You can even fill the entire area with different kinds of plants to have a more natural look. However, if you are not into the jungle look, then go for something classy and elegant since it will suit the glass sunroof. 

Shade sails 

If you have a low budget and want basic deck rain cover ideas, then shade sails are the one for you. It can be anchored between beams or directly to the ground, depending upon your preference. Shade sails are among the simplest options for an outdoor rain cover for a patio. 

However, you need to use high-quality waterproof sails to gain proper protection from the rain. The basic ones tend to rip faster since they are quite fragile. Choosing the waterproof ones allows you to gain strong protection from rain and block other elements as well. 

For styling, you get a number of choices for a shade sail. You can even plant a wisteria above your shade to get a heavenly experience. The choice of fabric for your sails will also allow you to have a number of elegant color options. You can mix and match and choose something playful or select something complementing your wisteria. Install bistro tables and chairs and get the perfect vine-covered patio for your household. 

Wooden pergola 

Are you looking for a rustic look? Then the wooden pergola is among the top patio cover ideas for you. It will provide a classy and rustic look while offering the protection you want. Choose a solid covering for blockage from rain, and you are good to go. You can grow vines around your pergola to encase the complete structure and add a more vintage and rustic look. 

Depending on the choice of the vine, you can even opt for an enchanting ambience and add fairy lights to enhance the elegance. If your structure is strong and durable enough, then you can even install light and fan fixtures for a more permanent ambience.

For a more different look, try to hang curtains around your pergola structure and add comfortable sittings. It will create a classy and private experience where you can enjoy your small talks and coffee without any obstacles. 


There exist various deck rain cover ideas for your shelter. Each of them has its unique features and provides you the opportunity to design them accordingly. However, you need to consider your budget and weather before choosing patio cover ideas. 

Apart from budget, you need to consider the time and area as well since the patio will require a certain period for its construction. Therefore, consider every option and design before creating your patio cover in Los Angeles.

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