Factors to Consider When Buying A New Condo For Sale In Singapore

Factors to Consider When Buying A New Condo For Sale In Singapore

Condos refer to low-rise housing buildings with many different apartments in them. The word condo is short for the word condominium, which is a form of property ownership, where the individual owns a unit or suite within a larger building and shares some common areas such as hallways or lobbies.

A new condo for sale can be quite difficult to find as they are usually snapped up quickly by buyers. Finding a condominium with everything you want in it can be tricky because there are so many options available on the market.

The following are factors to consider when buying a new condo for sale:


Where is the property located? Is it close to the city? Located in a busy area? If you need to get to work early and will be affected by traffic, it would not be very smart of you to buy in an area with heavy traffic. It is important that you consider how close your office or workplace is located and the traffic conditions. If you do not have another place where you can work or store your car, then consider buying in an area that has decent traffic.

Offer and Demand

The price of the condo is affected by the offer and demand. If more owners want to sell their condos, then there will be greater competition for buyers to bid on a particular place and hence, there will be a higher price for these places. The opposite is true if there are fewer owners who want to sell their condos.


If you can negotiate or ask for deals from the seller, you might get a newer condo at an affordable price. Singapore new condo for sale is usually sold by owners who want to move or sell. The newer condos are usually tagged as the “newer” condos and there is no need to wait for a property to be renovated before you can take ownership.

Cash vs. Loan

Factors to Consider When Buying A New Condo For Sale In Singapore

Do you have the cash? It is always better to go for cash because it saves time and effort in financing especially if you are purchasing in an area where there are very few buyers and many sellers. Always ensure that you have enough cash to pay for the newly purchased condo.


Do you want a Singapore new condo for sale that offers a warranty? If so, what kind of warranty do you want? Usually, there are three types of warranties – home warranty, builder’s warranty, and vendor’s warranty. Make sure that you ask about all the warranties before buying. It is better to get the deal with fewer warranties because it eliminates the risk when a problem arises.

Existing Owners

When you are buying an existing condo, it will be very difficult to sell the place because most buyers would prefer to buy newer properties. When you buy from an owner who wants to retire or sell, there are a lot of concessions that you can offer them. These include, for example, a good deal on the price of your condo and giving them discounts on their maintenance fees.

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