Tomica Woods eazy-e: Today, Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Kids

Tomica Woods eazy-e: Today, Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Kids

NWA, established by a group in Compton, California, in the United States, was amongst the most popular rap group in the hip-hop genre. The members of the group went on to create history in the hip-hop world and became rap icons. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are the top names in the entertainment industry. Eric Eazy-E Wright is a legendary rap artist, particularly in West Coast and gangsta rap, who was the leader of the NWA group and its label, Ruthless. He is still in the hearts of his fans even after more than two decades. Eazy-E passed away from his various albums and record label “Ruthless,” which is currently inherited and taken care of by his wife, Tomica Woods.

Tomica Woods is a frequently heard name in the hip-hop world who gained much fame as the wife of gangsta rap icon and the founder member of NWA. After the early demise of Eric Eazy-E Wright in 1995, Tomica Woods handled the responsibility of being the CEO of Ruthless label and continued to maintain the brand value to date. Hence, the people of the United States are keen to know more information related to the whereabouts of the popular celebrity wife, Tomica Woods.

Who is Eric Eazy-E Girlfriend, Tomica Woods? | Tomica Woods Wiki, Bio

Tomica Woods is a very popular music and film producer, well-known as the widow of the king of gangsta rap and legend rapper Eric Lynn Wright, Eazy-E. Tomica hails from Los Angeles in the United States and spent most of her childhood in the US. Further, her parents parted ways when she was very young, and her mother was awarded her custody, but in certain situations, she was bound to spend time with her father and even in foster care at times. She enrolled in San Fernando Valley High School for her primary studies and later shifted to West Los Angeles College situated in Baldwin Hills and completed her graduation in 1990.

Who is Eric Eazy-E Girlfriend, Tomica Woods? | Tomica Woods Wiki, Bio

Tomica Woods eazy-e started her career as a producer in the initial phase as a secretary to Clarence Avant, founder of Tabu records since she was pursuing her college studies. She got much experience in the business industry working as a secretary to Clarence. Further, she decided to work with Motown Records and finally took charge of Ruthless Records after the early demise of Eazy-E. The death of the rap king Eazy-E is surrounded by many mysteries and conspiracies, even in relevance to inheriting the Ruthless Records.

The couple met in a nightclub in 1991. It started to know each other, gradually dating for around 4 years before they got into a marriage relationship that lasted for a very short time due to the gangsta rap king’s death. Eazy-E is speculated on dying due to HIV-AIDs. Moreover, he is also rumored to have been injected with the HIV virus by his rival gang. Tomica had to face legal fights with her stepson Eric Wright related to the ownership of the record label- “Ruthless.” Despite all such controversies, it is truly appreciable that Tomica made Ruthless a brand!

Tomica Woods eazy-e kids, sons

Tomica Woods Age, Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

Tomica Woods has been in the production field for 3 decades and has attained huge success in making Ruthless a brand. So, she is estimated to be 52 years of age and was born on 7th December. She shares a great bond of love with her friends and family members. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She stands tall at 5 feet 3 inches (1.62mts) and weighs around 57 kg. She is pretty, considering her age factor, and she maintains her body shape with her balanced diet and regular workout routine.

Where Is Tomica Woods recently? Is she married?

Some folks have questions Is Tomica Woods still alive? Yes, Tomica Woods eazy-e is currently active as a producer in the entertainment industry and has produced various music albums and films. She created a biography, “Straight Outta Compton,” which was a hit under the direction of F. Gray in 2015, and the gross collection of the film was $160 million domestically and collected $201 globally. She has been loyal to her partner and has refrained from dating any other men since her husband’s death over 20 years ago. She is still single and loves to spend her time at her work and with her family.

What is the net worth of Tomica Woods?

Tomica Woods made her successful career as a producer in the entertainment industry and achieved her desired goal of making Ruthless a brand record label as the CEO of Ruthless records. She also tried her hands at film production and made extra income. She is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million, and her husband, gangsta rap king Eazy-E, was believed to have a net worth of $50 million when he passed away.


  • Is Tomica Woods married now?
  • She married her boyfriend Eazy-E in 1995, and their marriage did not last long as he passed away on 24th February 1995.
  • What does Tomica Woods do in recent times?
  • She is currently busy with her skilled management of Ruthless Records.
  • What is Tomica Woods accused of?
  • Eric Wright Jr. accused her father signed the will under the influence of heavy medical doses that would offer everything to her wife, Tomica, after his death.
  • What is the net worth of Tomica Woods?
  • She is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million with her amazing career as a producer in the entertainment industry.

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