Tips when considering bathroom laundry renovations

Tips when considering bathroom laundry renovations

Bathroom and laundry renovations Perthcan be expensive so it is a good idea to work out your budget before you commence any kind of planning, purchasing or renovation work. It is better to save for a little longer in order toachieve a good quality outcome, than to rush in and end up being disappointed. You should also save a little extra on top of your budget – sometimes additional costs can pop up during renovation works. Around 10-15% is typically enough. Here are some more helpful tips when considering the cost of such changes.

1) Take a look at the cost of bathroom fixtures

It’s easy to get a quote on fixtures, as you can easily look up pricing online or by heading to a local showroom. Be sure to make a list of how many basins, toilets, troughs and baths you’ll need for your renovation. Costs will increase if you want high-end options. Style and materials also affect the price, for example, a freestanding bath will cost more than a recessed option.

2) What size project are you planning?

If you are planning on completely gutting the old layout for your bathroom laundry renovations, knocking down walls will cost more than if you are just replacing the bath, or putting the washer and dryer into an already available space. Moving services such as water supply, drainage and electrical also adds to the cost. For example, if you want to change the location of your toilet, bath, shower, or power outlets, it means all the pipework and cabling will also need to be moved. If you are trying to have it done on a lower budget, it’s best to keep the services where they are!

3) Taking out the former bathroom

The hard work of a renovation involves the demolition of the old bathroom. You can save money by doing some of that work yourself if you know what you are doing, for example, stripping tiles off the wall. But removing the toilet, tub and such should be left to the plumber who can handle any leaks or issues should they arise.

4) Putting in plumbing requires licensed professionals

All plumbing when it comes to laundry renovations Perth should be done by a plumber, end of story. Do not attempt plumbing works yourself, and definitely do not hire a handyperson. Installations not handled by a plumber are not done to code and can therefore actually be illegal – same goes for electrical work. Not doing this work yourself obviously does add to the overall cost, but just make sure the contractor you hire uses a licensed plumber or is one themselves.

5) Are there any particular existing issues to handle

If there are existing problems in the room you’re renovating, it’s best you communicate these to your contractor. You’ll obviously want these issues rectified as part of yourbathroom laundry renovations, especially before installing anything new. Mould issues, leaks and electrical concerns should all be dealt with. Get the job done right, the first time! You do not want to have to get work redone because you took a shortcut.

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