6 Killer Tips to Create Compelling Instagram Videos

6 Killer Tips to Create Compelling Instagram Videos

The value of video-based social media platforms has been increasing day by day. The reason behind this is the majority of people prefer consuming video content rather than textual content these days. 

Actually, Instagram is a visual-centric social channel that enables creators to post both image and video content in different ways. However, it is found that videos shared on the feed, Reels, and Stories section reach a broader audience and garner more engagement. With a clear understanding of this, both individuals and marketers started to focus on increasing instagram video views and enhancing the chance to get featured on the Explore page. 

So, you are aiming to reap the benefits of Instagram videos? That’s great! Since competition is high, it is essential to put a little more effort into creating visually appealing videos and making them stand out from the crowd. You’re not alone! This article will provide you with a set of tips to bring out valuable video content no matter what format you choose. 

  1. Decide the Objective of Your Video 

When you directly jump into video creation, you might end up with a random video. Therefore, it might not bring the results that you expect. Hence, it is necessary to analyze the aim or objective you want to attain through the particular Instagram video. 

Consider you are a content creator or brand marketer who wants to garner more engagement and followers. You are supposed to curate your visuals and textual content accordingly. It is an excellent idea to set your goals as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). 

  1. Always Stick to the Dimensions & Format 

On Instagram, you have access to share your video content in different formats. The dimensions may vary depending on the format you choose. When you miss out on the format and dimension, your video might not fit well with the respective feature. 

For instance, Reel requires vertical videos, whereas the in-feed video appears like a square or rectangle. So, before shooting the videos, ensure where you are about to share the video on Instagram and begin your process in accordance with it. 

  1. Curate Short-Form Videos 

Nowadays, social media users prefer watching short-form videos rather than long-form videos. This is because they are easy to consume a message in a matter of seconds. Hence it becomes easier for content creators to reach a broader audience and garner good engagement in a short while. 

The Instagram content format that allows you to create and share short videos are, 

Reels – It is one of the most popular short-form video-sharing features. It enables Instagram users to post a video that lasts from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. 

Stories – This ephemeral content format lets users upload content that does not exceed more than 15 seconds. 

In-feed videos – The video you want to share on your Instagram feed can be 1 minute longer but not more than that. 

The best idea is to keep the videos as short as possible and convey the information within the duration. In case you need to share long-form videos, you can opt for other features like Live videos. Furthermore, seek the support of Inzfy to garner more views in no time and make your video hit a great reach. 

  1. Design a Dazzling Thumbnail 

Every day, millions of videos are shared on Instagram applications. Among them, your video content will be visible to the audience who are interested in content related to yours and already engaged with your content. 

While people are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, a thumbnail is the first thing that falls into their eyes and lets them click on the video. So, you can choose a particular clip from your video and set it as the cover. Additionally, you can include special effects and text that clearly explains what your video is all about. So, at last, your thumbnail should be eye-catching, relevant, and remarkable. 

  1. Enrich Your Video With Jazzing Music 

Music plays a prominent role in the success of videos, especially on social media like Instagram. Yes, people are more likely to view visuals that are combined with jazzing music. So, it is necessary to make your visuals more interesting by mixing them up with perfect music or soundtrack. 

You don’t want to wander here and there to download the audio you want. Instagram is incorporated with the Music Library, where you can browse the required music. Another essential strategy is to add trending songs as it increases the chance of making your video go viral on Instagram or get featured on the Explore page. 

  1. Combine Videos With Captivating Captions 

Video description and closed captions are essential factors to enrich the value of your video. Wondering why? It is common for most people to watch videos without turning on the sound. 

At times, your video’s audio might not be understandable for audiences from other languages. In such cases, the closed captions or subtitles assist the viewers in consuming the content you have shared. Also, it will be beneficial for hearing-impaired people to watch your videos along with the messages you have conveyed through audio. 

Video description is nothing but embedding additional information related to the respective content. You can add captivating captions to keep the viewers engaged. Here is where you are supposed to include relevant hashtags that increase content visibility. In addition, try out Inzfy to expand the content reach and bring new followers to your profile in an organic way. Make your captions more effective by adding a suitable call to action (CTA) that encourages viewers to perform specific actions.

And It’s Your Turn Now! 

Hope now you have a collection of tips with which you can curate compelling video content, especially for the Instagram platform. You don’t want to rely on any other resource as all the essential aspects are available within the application. 

All you have to do is experiment with different aspects and blend the best in your videos. This significantly helps you to make your video stay in the minds of your viewers forever. Then, what are you waiting for? Buckle up! Curate compelling Instagram videos and embark on your social media journey in an effective way. 

Good luck 🙂 

Thanks for reading! If you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends who might be interested. 

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