The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal Therapy

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal Therapy

Everyone wants to maintain their facial and physical beauty and remove unwanted body hair growth. Shaving or waxing is the traditional way to remove body hair and deal with some pain and spotting issues in the affected area. Unwanted hair growth on several body parts is the most annoying thing because you do not easily eradicate it through shaving and waxing. 

Laser hair removal is the latest way to deal with unwanted body hair issues and does not have any itching and spotting issues. You will experience better and more effective treatment therapy than shaving or waxing. 

What is Laser Treatment? 

Laser treatment is through a high light beam on several body parts. Laser treatment offers long-term results because such treatment affects your hair’s ability to grow, unlike shaving or waxing, which eradicates hairs from your body for just a few weeks and is not a permanent solution to remove body hairs. 

This treatment is most effective in removing body hairs permanently but not on an immediate basis because you must come up with at least 4 to 6 sessions. After availing of 4 to 6 sessions, you will experience how laser technology benefits you in removing body hair. 

Does Laser Treatment Hurt or Painful? 

After doing wax on the body, you may face the issues of red spotting, red marks, itching, and pain. Even you may face the risk of injury due to shaving because of the razor. But don’t worry, laser technology is far better than shaving or waxing. Not at all because this way of removing unwanted body hair is less painful than waxing. 

This treatment is not painful but may be painful for you if you do not follow pre and post-treatment instructions or precautions. But such irritation, pain, and spotting gradually decrease after a few minutes. So, laser hair removal is beneficial for removing unwanted body hair. 

Essential Tips for Pre Laser-Therapy

Before going to experience laser therapy, you must follow some precautions and undertake some necessary steps to avoid any therapy misconsequences. You must prepare yourself to follow some essential things: 

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: 

Before getting laser therapy, you must avoid direct sun exposure for at least two weeks. Try to prevent excessive sun exposure during winter and go for a winter wardrobe if you want to complete body laser therapy. 

  • Do Shaving: 

Before going to laser therapy sessions, try to shave your treatment area for at least one day. Proper shaving before treatment is essential to experience less pain. Ensure that you shave your affected treatment area within 24 hours to experience better therapy sessions. 

Shaving before therapy may lift your skin surface with the razor and make skin smoother for better treatment. 

  • Don’t do waxing: 

Waxing or plucking removes your body hair from the surface, and for laser therapy, the treatment area must contain hair. So, it is better to go shaving before the laser therapy session because it removes treatment area hair from above the skin, not from the skin surface. 

  • Go for a Test: 

Before getting laser therapy, you need to do a patch test to know whether you are a suitable candidate or not for the treatment. Laser hair removal therapy does not have any disadvantages, but you need to know about your current medical history for treatment. If your current medical or health condition is suitable, you must undergo this treatment. 

  • Blow Off Caffeine:

Your skin is supposed to feel the pain issues whenever you get caffeine. Due to this, you may encounter pain issues during the treatment. So, it is better to avoid caffeine or any caffeine product almost one day earlier. 

Essential Tips for Post Laser Therapy 

After laser therapy, you must follow some precautions for better cure and self-precaution. For this, try to follow some essential things after the therapy session: 

  • Apply Cool Products: 

After treatment, you may feel the issue of burning and hot in the affected area. So, try to apply cool compresses to the therapy to deal with hot and burning problems of the affected area. This thing will give you soothe. 

  • Stay Away from Skincare Products: 

Undoubtedly, skincare products are beneficial for maintaining skin beauty and wellness. But after going from a laser therapy session, you need to stay away from all these products to save yourself from skin infection issues. 

  • Stay Away from Sun Exposure: 

After laser therapy, you automatically go through hot and burning issues. So, avoid sun exposure for almost 10 to 14 days for better self-treatment precautions and requirements. 

  • Avoid Sweat: 

After going from a laser treatment, you must need to avoid sweaty activities. For example, you need to grant off from the gym or do not go to a sauna facility for better skin because your skin becomes more sensitive after laser hair removal treatment or session. 

  • Don’t go for Shaving or Waxing: 

Laser treatment’s primary purpose is to weaken the hair growth from the skin surface and prevent hair from growing. Moreover, it is the opposite of laser treatment’s beneficial outcomes. Whenever you go for plucking and waxing, your hair growth starts again. 

How Many Sessions are Required? 

Usually, 6 to 8 treatments are required for body laser therapy for 6 to 8 weeks. Moreover, 4 to 6 sessions are needed for the hair removal of the face. 

If you follow the above procedure to intake laser therapy sessions, you do not face any issues regarding treatment consequences. If you do not follow the above considerations, there are chances of ineffective outcomes. Try to go for experienced therapist to avail yourself from laser therapy session for better and more effective therapy results. 


The latest mode of hair removal technology is far better than the traditional way of shaving and waxing. Meridian spa provides the quality level services of laser therapy to their clients and some pre and post-treatment precautions or instructions. So before going for laser therapy, you must follow all the above precautionary measures. 

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