Taylor Strecker Ex Husband, Wife, Age, Net Worth

Taylor Strecker Part Ways with Ex-husband Brett Epstien, marries Talor Donohue

Taylor is a popular American celebrity who charms the audience with her hosting skills in a radio show named “Wake Up with Taylor” featured on SiriusXM’s Star109 aired between 7am to 10am. She even resumed her talk show, “The Taylor Strecker Show”, where she is the co-host now with Sean, Dr. Wider, Daryn, Chris, Liz, Andrea, and many more.

Are you willing to know more about Taylor Strecker ex husband, Brett, and the reason why they parted ways with each other? People are curious to know who she is dating now. Let us know more about the life details of Taylor Strecker.

Taylor Strecker’s Ex Husband

Brett Epstein is Taylor Strecker Ex Husband. Taylor and Brett got into a romantic relationship and got hitched on 13 December 2014. After spending quality time together the duo decided to tie their knots and got married on 17 October, 2015. The couple first cross their paths at a Penn State lacrosse event.

At a certain point, Taylor and Brett decided to part ways, and Taylor started to date her friend Tyler Donohue, a professional editor and videographer. We are not aware of the exact date of separation of the couple.

Taylor Strecker and Brett Epstein Divorce Cause

Taylor and Brett parted their ways as she realized that she was not interested in a romantic relationship with a man or willing to continue her marriage with him. Brett was not very pushy to sustain a romantic relationship, yet their marriage did not last long.

In 2016, Taylor Strecker crossed paths with Taylor Donohue, a videographer. Initially, Taylor Strecker couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy towards Taylor Donohue due to their impressive height and strikingly beautiful face. However, despite this initial reaction, they remained good friends.

The friendship between the two got strong, and Taylor Strecker started to have problems in her marriage with Brett. Taylor did not refrain from expressing her feelings and confessed her love for Taylor Donohue.

But on the other hand, Donohue just come out of a marriage relationship and was not in the phase of starting a new relationship. The couple started to date after sharing a kiss in Miami, declaring their relationship on social media, and are happily living together thereafter.

Know about Taylor Strecker’s Recent Partner | Current Relationship

Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue

Taylor Strecker is currently in a married relationship with Taylor Donohue. Taylor Donohue is a thriving photographer and entrepreneur who stands as the brains behind Taylor Donohue Photography. Her company specializes in wedding, lifestyle, and editorial photography, earning her esteemed collaborations with clients like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Knot.

She’s also the co-host of the podcast “Taste of Taylor,” where she and her spouse, Taylor Strecker, delve into discussions on pop culture, relationships, and personal anecdotes. Taylor Donohue possesses an unwavering passion for creativity, using her lens to capture the beauty and emotions that life unfolds.

She is happily married to Taylor Strecker, a notable radio personality and host of “The Taylor Strecker Show,” a daily live talk show that explores diverse topics spanning entertainment, fashion, and dating. The couple’s journey began in 2016 when Taylor Donohue was hired to photograph for Taylor Strecker’s website.

This initial connection blossomed into a deep love, and by 2019, they were engaged. In 2020, amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, they held an intimate wedding ceremony in New York City. Known for their infectious humor and unwavering support for one another, they openly share their love and laughter with their devoted fans through social media and their podcast.

How Taylor Donohue did come to terms with Taylor Strecker?

The first encounter between Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue took place during a video shoot. What adds an intriguing twist to their meeting is the fact that they share the same name, leading to similar reactions upon hearing each other’s names. It wasn’t exactly a case of love at first sight, but their bond began to deepen after the video shoot as they forged a friendship.

At that time, Taylor Strecker was navigating a recent divorce, and she had never previously experienced romantic feelings for another woman. Nevertheless, she found Taylor Donohue undeniably attractive and sensed a natural connection, which eventually paved the way for their relationship.

Taylor Strecker Age, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Husband, Show, Podcast, Reddit

Taylor Strecker, born on April 14, 1984, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is a vibrant 39-year-old Aries. She’s renowned as a radio personality and the charismatic host of “The Taylor Strecker Show,” a daily live talk show that captivatingly delves into the realms of entertainment, fashion, and dating.

Her personal life intertwines with her professional journey, as she shares her heart with Taylor Donohue, a talented photographer and entrepreneur at the helm of Taylor Donohue Photography. Their happiness and unwavering support shine through as they generously share their love and laughter with their adoring fans on social media and podcasts.

Taylor Strecker financial success is apparent, with an estimated net worth of more than $1 million as of 2023, predominantly sourced from her endeavors in radio, podcasting, and endorsements. Her social media presence is equally impressive, with an Instagram following of over 100k on her handle [@taylorstrecker], where she offers glimpses into her personal and professional life.

Her life’s journey includes a significant chapter: her previous marriage came to an end when Taylor Strecker realized her true identity as a gay woman. Her openness about her s*xuality and the path of self-discovery has been an inspiring narrative shared on both her show and podcast.

Taylor Strecker continues to make her mark hosting “The Taylor Strecker Show,” a subscription-based live talk show that graces the airwaves every weekday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET. The show encompasses a vibrant mix of guests, callers, and engaging segments, spanning topics like pop culture, relationships, beauty, and lifestyle. It’s also accessible on demand and as a podcast via iTunes and Spotify.

In addition to her daily show, Taylor co-hosts the free podcast “Taste of Taylor” alongside her beloved wife, Taylor Donohue. This engaging podcast explores the realms of pop culture, relationships, and personal anecdotes, delivering new episodes every Thursday on both iTunes and Spotify.

For her devoted fanbase, Taylor Strecker is an active presence on Reddit, where she goes by the username u/TaylorStreckerShow. Here, she engages with fans, answering their questions and fostering community. Her Reddit account boasts over 2k karma points and a dedicated following of over 1k users.

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